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I would like you to answer 3 out of the following 4 questions. All the questions have to do with this N ew York Times Article - Sexual Assaults Roil Amherst, and College President Welcomes the Controversy :1.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the structural frame help us understand the problem? Taking the structural frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst? 2.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the human resource frame help us understand the problem? Taking the human resource frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst?  3.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the political frame help us understand the problem? Taking the political frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst? 4.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the symbolic frame help us understand the problem? Taking the symbolic frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst?

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Sexual Assaults xxxxxxx Amherst, and xxxxxxx President Welcomes xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ANS xxxxxxx The Sexual xxxxxxx Roil Amherst," article xxxxxxx become xxxxxxx xxxxxxx center of xxxxxxx debate in xxxxxxx New York xxxxxxx This article xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxx that is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx crisis xxxxxxx the student xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with the xxxxxxx indifference to xxxxxxx culture in xxxxxxx the sexual xxxxxxx was conducted. xxxxxxx basic problem xxxxxxx xxxxxxx arising xxxxxxx the campus xxxxxxx regarding discrimination xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx It’s a xxxxxxx depressing that xxxxxxx rape victim xxxxxxx is already xxxxxxx shattered so xxxxxxx had to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx discriminations xxxxxxx I personally xxxxxxx think Epifano's xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx or false xxxxxxx 2012,). She xxxxxxx badly treated xxxxxxx college administrators xxxxxxx told her xxxxxxx forget this xxxxxxx xxxxxxx not xxxxxxx raise a xxxxxxx so as xxxxxxx save xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Her report xxxxxxx very much xxxxxxx and she xxxxxxx the full xxxxxxx to raise xxxxxxx voice (PEÑA, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx reading xxxxxxx case and xxxxxxx the point xxxxxxx views xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the concerned xxxxxxx I would xxxxxxx to recommend xxxxxxx to solve xxxxxxx issue which xxxxxxx as follows:- xxxxxxx xxxxxxx should xxxxxxx first of xxxxxxx accepted the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and also xxxxxxx her attitude xxxxxxx how the xxxxxxx victims should xxxxxxx treated. The xxxxxxx should have xxxxxxx xxxxxxx her xxxxxxx for justice xxxxxxx should have xxxxxxx by xxxxxxx xxxxxxx her justice. xxxxxxx rape is xxxxxxx very big xxxxxxx and can xxxxxxx lead a xxxxxxx fear in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx These kinds xxxxxxx issues affect xxxxxxx students xxxxxxx xxxxxxx higher education xxxxxxx over the xxxxxxx and even xxxxxxx many other xxxxxxx which are xxxxxxx the forms xxxxxxx xxxxxxx against xxxxxxx women and xxxxxxx against men. xxxxxxx college xxxxxxx xxxxxxx have come xxxxxxx the federal xxxxxxx for their xxxxxxx regarding sexual xxxxxxx cases which xxxxxxx described in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx right xxxxxxx as biased xxxxxxx inappropriate. ANS xxxxxxx When xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the human xxxxxxx frame into xxxxxxx the two xxxxxxx that can xxxxxxx used to xxxxxxx the issues xxxxxxx xxxxxxx follows:- xxxxxxx counselor should xxxxxxx not discouraged xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx as the xxxxxxx was about xxxxxxx graduate from xxxxxxx college and xxxxxxx it might xxxxxxx indicate their xxxxxxx xxxxxxx well. xxxxxxx office administrators xxxxxxx have developed xxxxxxx official xxxxxxx xxxxxxx regarding the xxxxxxx misconduct. It xxxxxxx all the xxxxxxx of information xxxxxxx the definitions xxxxxxx the occurrence xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sexual xxxxxxx the circumstance xxxxxxx which the xxxxxxx occurs xxxxxxx xxxxxxx proper steps xxxxxxx take for xxxxxxx protection of xxxxxxx student. The xxxxxxx officials should xxxxxxx provide the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx regarding xxxxxxx behavior that xxxxxxx the sexual xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx forms of xxxxxxx misconduct that xxxxxxx campus universities xxxxxxx accept. The xxxxxxx point of xxxxxxx should be xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx regarding sexual xxxxxxx policy statements xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx code provisions xxxxxxx also prohibit xxxxxxx sexual misconduct xxxxxxx well. The xxxxxxx needed to xxxxxxx a written xxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx help to xxxxxxx how the xxxxxxx official xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in such xxxxxxx In this xxxxxxx the human xxxxxxx were only xxxxxxx regarding their xxxxxxx and their xxxxxxx xxxxxxx They xxxxxxx once thing xxxxxxx much wrong xxxxxxx been xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the girl. xxxxxxx of being xxxxxxx her, they xxxxxxx her to xxxxxxx everything like xxxxxxx happened. Rape xxxxxxx xxxxxxx very xxxxxxx offence and xxxxxxx the whole xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx steps taken xxxxxxx the human xxxxxxx could have xxxxxxx the girl xxxxxxx proper justice. xxxxxxx main goals xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx of students. xxxxxxx 3:- Taking xxxxxxx political xxxxxxx xxxxxxx account, the xxxxxxx suggestions that xxxxxxx be used xxxxxxx solve the xxxxxxx at Amherst xxxxxxx as follows:- xxxxxxx xxxxxxx should xxxxxxx a more xxxxxxx study regarding xxxxxxx assault xxxxxxx xxxxxxx proper laws xxxxxxx as to xxxxxxx the recommendations xxxxxxx tax penalties xxxxxxx the colleges. xxxxxxx should include xxxxxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxxx colleges which xxxxxxx developing stronger xxxxxxx policies xxxxxxx xxxxxxx prevention strategies. xxxxxxx also includes xxxxxxx clear cut xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx also. The xxxxxxx should be xxxxxxx xxxxxxx regarding xxxxxxx proper rights. xxxxxxx government should xxxxxxx more xxxxxxx xxxxxxx OCR rules xxxxxxx rape charges. xxxxxxx colleges all xxxxxxx tend to xxxxxxx the freedom xxxxxxx the student xxxxxxx xxxxxxx voice xxxxxxx rape. But xxxxxxx the enforcement xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the colleges xxxxxxx must to xxxxxxx the sexual xxxxxxx case as xxxxxxx as possible. xxxxxxx should face xxxxxxx xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx government regarding xxxxxxx conduct for xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx as the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx which has xxxxxxx be used. xxxxxxx victims of xxxxxxx advocates should xxxxxxx xxxxxxx they xxxxxxx a push xxxxxxx the colleges xxxxxxx seriously xxxxxxx xxxxxxx problem more xxxxxxx The government xxxxxxx to tighten xxxxxxx college staff xxxxxxx make them xxxxxxx aware regarding xxxxxxx xxxxxxx OCR xxxxxxx REFERENCES:- KAMINER, xxxxxxx (2012,). What to xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx accusations at xxxxxxx college?. Retrieved xxxxxxx http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/11/what-to-make-of-the-rape-accusations-at-amherst-college/265522/ PEÑA, xxxxxxx (2012). Sexual assaults xxxxxxx amherst, and xxxxxxx president welcomes xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Retrieved xxxxxxx http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/12/us/amherst-president-tackles-sexual-assault-crisis.html?_r=0

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