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Q1. What is the relative humidity when the actual air temperature and the dew point temperature are equal?

Ans.The relative humidity will be 100 % and saturation will occur because relative humidity is equal to the ratio of the dew point and the air temperature.


Q2. Name the steps required to size an air compressor.

Ans. For sizing an air compressor the basic steps are

  • First calculation of the compression ratio.
  • Selecting the stage of compressor single or multi.
  • Calculation of discharge temperature.
  • Determining the volumetric efficiency.
  • Determining the required piston displacement.
  •   Selecting the compressor model.
  • Determining the minimum RPM required.
  • Selection of an actual RPM.
  • Calculating the actual piston displacement.
  • Calculating the power required.

A computer is generally used to perform steps as above, but hand calculations are often adequate.


Q3. Name four functions of an air receiver.

Ans. 1. It reduces the pulsation entering in discharge line from the compressor.

2. Provide more air to the compressor when demand is very high. Or you can say that it work as a reservoir.

3. it also prevent too frequent loading and unloading of compressor.

4. it also separate moisture from the oil vapor.


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Q1. What xxxxxxx the relative xxxxxxx when the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx air xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx point temperature xxxxxxx equal?

Ans.The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx will be xxxxxxx % and xxxxxxx will occur xxxxxxx relative humidity xxxxxxx equal to xxxxxxx ratio of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx point xxxxxxx the air xxxxxxx Name the xxxxxxx required xxxxxxx xxxxxxx an air xxxxxxx For sizing xxxxxxx air compressor xxxxxxx basic steps xxxxxxx calculation of xxxxxxx compression ratio.

  • Selecting xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx single or xxxxxxx of discharge xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the required xxxxxxx displacement.
  •   Selecting the xxxxxxx model.
  • Determining the xxxxxxx RPM required.
  • Selection xxxxxxx an actual xxxxxxx the actual xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx required.
  • A xxxxxxx is generally xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx as above, xxxxxxx hand calculations xxxxxxx often adequate.


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