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Q9. Name one application of a counterbalance valve.

Ans. One of the applications of a counterbalance valve is setting the pressure of the secondary pressure relief valve.

Q10. What is the purpose of a flow control valve?

Ans. Purpose of a flow control valve is to control the amount of flow from the valve in a specific direction.

Q11. What is a pressure compensated flow control valve?

Ans. Flow control valve is a valve which automatically adjust the size of orifice while the pressure change occurs.


Q12. What is a servo valve?

Ans. Servo valve is an electrically operated valve. Servo valves and servo-proportional valves are operated by transforming a changing analogue or digital input signal into a smooth set of movements in a hydraulic cylinder.

Q13. What can be concluded about the pressure on the upstream and downstream side of an orifice (and thus a valve) when oil is flowing through it?

Ans. Nearer to the orifice the pressure is high in case of downstream and high in case of the upstream.

Q14. Name one application for a pilot operated check valve?

Ans. Single pressure is one of the applications of pilot check valve.

Q15. Explain how the four way directional control valve of the following graph operates.

Q16. How many positions does a spring centered valve have?

Ans. A spring centered valve has 3 positions.

Q17. Relative to directional control valves, distinguish among the terms; position, way, and port.

Ans. Position: - it indicates the number of spool through which the oil or fluid circulate.

Port: - these are the position from where the fluid can enter or leave the valve.

Way: - it defines the connection of the valve.

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Q9. Name xxxxxxx application of xxxxxxx counterbalance valve.

Ans. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx of a xxxxxxx valve is xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the secondary xxxxxxx relief valve.

Q10. xxxxxxx is the xxxxxxx of a xxxxxxx control valve?

Ans. xxxxxxx of a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx valve xxxxxxx to control xxxxxxx amount of xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in a xxxxxxx direction.

Q11. What xxxxxxx a pressure xxxxxxx flow control xxxxxxx Flow control xxxxxxx is a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx automatically xxxxxxx the size xxxxxxx orifice while xxxxxxx pressure xxxxxxx xxxxxxx What is xxxxxxx servo valve?

Ans. xxxxxxx valve is xxxxxxx electrically operated xxxxxxx Servo valves xxxxxxx servo-proportional valves xxxxxxx xxxxxxx by xxxxxxx a changing xxxxxxx or digital xxxxxxx signal xxxxxxx xxxxxxx smooth set xxxxxxx movements in xxxxxxx hydraulic cylinder.

Q13. xxxxxxx can be xxxxxxx about the xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx downstream xxxxxxx of an xxxxxxx (and thus xxxxxxx valve) xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is flowing xxxxxxx it?

Ans. Nearer xxxxxxx the orifice xxxxxxx pressure is xxxxxxx in case xxxxxxx downstream and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx case xxxxxxx the upstream.

Q14. xxxxxxx one application xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx check valve?

Ans. xxxxxxx pressure is xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx of pilot xxxxxxx valve.

Q15. Explain xxxxxxx the four xxxxxxx xxxxxxx control xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx graph operates.

Q16. xxxxxxx many xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a spring xxxxxxx valve have?

Ans. xxxxxxx spring centered xxxxxxx has 3 xxxxxxx Relative to xxxxxxx control valves, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx position, way, xxxxxxx port.

Ans. Position: xxxxxxx it xxxxxxx xxxxxxx number of xxxxxxx through which xxxxxxx oil or xxxxxxx circulate.

Port: - xxxxxxx are the xxxxxxx from where xxxxxxx xxxxxxx can xxxxxxx or leave xxxxxxx valve.

Way: - xxxxxxx defines xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx name="_GoBack">

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