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In this technologically advanced world, mobiles have become the toy in the hands of almost everyone.  We youths are so addicted to this toy that we find ourselves lame without it. Now what if this toy is lost and the chances of getting it back seems diminishing with every passing second?

 One of my proud possessions was my sleek ultra thin mobile phone with all possible fittings. And then the very next day of my acquisition of the cell phone I committed an egregious financial sin, one for which I probably won't forgive myself anytime soon. It was not because of an accident, rather because I was careless.

I lost my cell phone in the bus. It was not because someone stole it. Rather because I was careless to leave it on the seat beside me. This carelessness costed me a day’s irritation and restlessness with a psychological pressure of not ever be able to get back my phone increasing on me every passing minute.

It was Monday morning which I usually dread, but this was different. I was enthusiastic to get back to work, as I had a new mobile phone bought at the weekend. While catching my usual bus to the office, I was checking my phone and its applications. After being seated comfortably I placed my mobile at the seat adjacent to me. It was at the entrance of the office that I realized I was mobile less.

As I walked down the hallway, I began digging in my pockets, just to find out it wasn’t there. I suddenly began to become frantic, digging down in my pockets even harder to the point where I could put a hole in my pocket.  Suddenly the feeling of loosing my most prized and valued possession led to anger in me. I started blaming people and things around me. What I didn’t realize was my own silly mistake of not collecting the phone while getting down. I was not even hesitant to assume the bus conductor to be a thief as I had made a perception by then that even if the cell be located by him, he won’t hand it over to me. A gadget worth some dollars had made me insane to such an extent that I was loosing all sense of humanity in me. Virtues of forgiveness, empathy, basic etiquettes seemed to be vanishing. What I did not realize was my over dependence and over reaction to the whole fiasco.

Probably a kid loosing his toy would forget and move on fast in his daily chores. But I was different. I behaved like a small kid cribbing every moment. Loosing my mobile led in me a silent agony where instead of blaming myself for my carelessness I made an apprehension of the conductor being a thief. Such a reaction to a simple event as this was unlikely of me. But this led to few changes in me. Gradually, I realized that being so materialistic was the main problem to me. Curing this disease was what that grabbed my attention few days later. And, I resolved that “I have miles to go before I sleep…….”

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In xxxxxxx technologically advanced xxxxxxx xxxxxxx have xxxxxxx the toy xxxxxxx the hands xxxxxxx almost xxxxxxx xxxxxxx youths are xxxxxxx addicted to xxxxxxx toy that xxxxxxx find ourselves xxxxxxx without it. xxxxxxx what if xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx of getting xxxxxxx back xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with every xxxxxxx second?

 One of xxxxxxx proud possessions xxxxxxx my sleek xxxxxxx thin mobile xxxxxxx with all xxxxxxx xxxxxxx And xxxxxxx the very xxxxxxx day of xxxxxxx acquisition xxxxxxx xxxxxxx cell phone xxxxxxx committed an xxxxxxx financial sin, xxxxxxx for which xxxxxxx probably won't xxxxxxx myself anytime xxxxxxx xxxxxxx was xxxxxxx because of xxxxxxx accident, rather xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx lost my xxxxxxx phone in xxxxxxx bus. It xxxxxxx not because xxxxxxx stole it. xxxxxxx because I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx it on xxxxxxx seat beside xxxxxxx This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx me a xxxxxxx irritation and xxxxxxx with a xxxxxxx pressure of xxxxxxx ever be xxxxxxx to get xxxxxxx xxxxxxx phone xxxxxxx on me xxxxxxx passing minute.

It xxxxxxx Monday xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I usually xxxxxxx but this xxxxxxx different. I xxxxxxx enthusiastic to xxxxxxx back to xxxxxxx as I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx new xxxxxxx phone bought xxxxxxx the weekend. xxxxxxx catching xxxxxxx xxxxxxx bus to xxxxxxx office, I xxxxxxx checking my xxxxxxx and its xxxxxxx After being xxxxxxx comfortably I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx mobile xxxxxxx the seat xxxxxxx to me. xxxxxxx was xxxxxxx xxxxxxx entrance of xxxxxxx office that xxxxxxx realized I xxxxxxx mobile less.

As xxxxxxx walked down xxxxxxx hallway, I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx pockets, just xxxxxxx find out xxxxxxx wasn’t xxxxxxx xxxxxxx suddenly began xxxxxxx become frantic, xxxxxxx down in xxxxxxx pockets even xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx where I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx in my xxxxxxx Suddenly the xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx most prized xxxxxxx valued possession xxxxxxx to anger xxxxxxx me. I xxxxxxx blaming people xxxxxxx things around xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx realize was xxxxxxx own silly xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the phone xxxxxxx getting down. xxxxxxx was not xxxxxxx hesitant to xxxxxxx the bus xxxxxxx to be xxxxxxx xxxxxxx as xxxxxxx had made xxxxxxx perception by xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the cell xxxxxxx located by xxxxxxx he won’t xxxxxxx it over xxxxxxx me. A xxxxxxx worth some xxxxxxx xxxxxxx made xxxxxxx insane to xxxxxxx an extent xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx all sense xxxxxxx humanity in xxxxxxx Virtues of xxxxxxx empathy, basic xxxxxxx seemed to xxxxxxx vanishing. What xxxxxxx xxxxxxx not xxxxxxx was my xxxxxxx dependence and xxxxxxx reaction xxxxxxx xxxxxxx whole fiasco.

Probably xxxxxxx kid loosing xxxxxxx toy would xxxxxxx and move xxxxxxx fast in xxxxxxx daily chores. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx was xxxxxxx I behaved xxxxxxx a small xxxxxxx cribbing xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Loosing my xxxxxxx led in xxxxxxx a silent xxxxxxx where instead xxxxxxx blaming myself xxxxxxx my carelessness xxxxxxx xxxxxxx an xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx being a xxxxxxx Such xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to a xxxxxxx event as xxxxxxx was unlikely xxxxxxx me. But xxxxxxx led to xxxxxxx changes in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx that being xxxxxxx materialistic was xxxxxxx main xxxxxxx xxxxxxx me. Curing xxxxxxx disease was xxxxxxx that grabbed xxxxxxx attention few xxxxxxx later. And, xxxxxxx resolved that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx miles xxxxxxx go before xxxxxxx sleep…….”

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