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Health Goal Paper #2

Due:  Wed. Feb. 20th, 20 pts. possible


Part 2 instructions:  Type a ½ to 1 page (or more if you want), single-spaced paper answering the following questions:


1.  What was your original goal?


2.  If you changed it, what is it now? (and when did you change it?)


3.  On a scale of 1 – 10, what is the result of your goal at this time?  Did you feel you are succeeding?  failing?  coming close?  (Scale is “1” total failure to “10” total success).  Explain your rating


4.  Whether you feel you are failing or succeeding, what benefit(s) have you had because you have set a health goal this month?


5.  If there are no benefits to you, explain why (it’s valuable for me to see what works and also what doesn’t).


6.  Last question required: think about the assignment and share some other comments about setting health goals for yourself:  Did you have a change of attitude about the goal?  Was it a waste of time?  Hard to achieve?  A new direction for you?  Can’t wait to eat junk food again?  …in other words, anything else you’d like to share…



General instructions are the same as before:  no emailing the paper to me, get it in on time for full credit, etc.


No attachments for this paper, though.





Health Goal Paper #2

SAMPLE of student’s paper (this is longer than the required ½ page)


My original health goal was to go rock climbing more often at the SURC.  This was a good goal for me because I now have more free time on my hands because I’m not working any longer…just going to school.  I wanted to get back into shape and this was a perfect way to do it.  My goal was to go climbing at least 3-4 times a week for about an hour each time.  I met these requirements almost every week during the assigned time.


On a scale of 1 to 10 I feel like my efforts deserve an 8 because for the most part I followed my guidelines and I definitely got better at rock climbing, which was also a part of my overall goal.  I did not deserve a 10 because I missed a whole week.  But at the same time, I feel like I made the right decision to spend more time studying that particular week than on the rock wall because in the end of the day, I am paying to go to school and bettering myself and exercise will always be free and available.


I have had many benefits come from my (mostly) regular climbing schedule.  The main one I have noticed is my strength increasing in my forearms and fingers.  Also I was surprised at how much the climbing did for my endurance and athletic stamina.  This is important to me because I know that as I get older, my stamina and endurance will be far more beneficial to my health than the actual strength of my muscles.  A part of being healthy as I get older is my diet.  When I get into a really bad routine of eating junk food, I will carry it into my later years where it will eventually be a problem.  Climbing has also helped me with this because regular exercise means regular eating times and habits.  I actually feel better after getting my exercise and just feeling better alone drives me to eat healthier.


At first I didn’t really think that setting a ‘made-up’ goal would be enough alone to motivate me to actually do anything significant.  I was wrong in two ways:  the goal became something much more than ‘made-up;’ it became a mental support system for myself and it was definitely enough to motivate me to do something about my health and change my ways.  I realized that this method of just coming up with a goal for yourself and actually pursuing that goal can be a very powerful thing.  It’s also empowering to realize you can make a difference ALL ON YOUR OWN.  I have come to love rock climbing and this is great because now I can try to continue my goal as long as possible.  And because I enjoy it so much, it made it easy to continue and complete it.  Climbing has helped me a lot, and I owe it all to this goal I created for myself.


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Health xxxxxxx Paper #2

½ xxxxxxx 1 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx more if xxxxxxx want), single-spaced xxxxxxx answering the xxxxxxx questions:


1.  What xxxxxxx your original xxxxxxx If you xxxxxxx xxxxxxx what xxxxxxx it now? xxxxxxx when did xxxxxxx change xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a scale xxxxxxx 1 – xxxxxxx what is xxxxxxx result of xxxxxxx goal at xxxxxxx time?  Did xxxxxxx xxxxxxx you xxxxxxx succeeding?  failing?  xxxxxxx close?  (Scale xxxxxxx “1” xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to “10” xxxxxxx success).  Explain xxxxxxx rating


4.  Whether xxxxxxx feel you xxxxxxx failing or xxxxxxx what benefit(s) xxxxxxx xxxxxxx had xxxxxxx you have xxxxxxx a health xxxxxxx this xxxxxxx xxxxxxx there are xxxxxxx benefits to xxxxxxx explain why xxxxxxx valuable for xxxxxxx to see xxxxxxx works and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx doesn’t).


6.  xxxxxxx question required: xxxxxxx about the xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx other comments xxxxxxx setting health xxxxxxx for yourself:  xxxxxxx you have xxxxxxx change of xxxxxxx about the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx it xxxxxxx waste of xxxxxxx Hard to xxxxxxx A xxxxxxx xxxxxxx for you?  xxxxxxx wait to xxxxxxx junk food xxxxxxx …in other xxxxxxx anything else xxxxxxx like to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx instructions xxxxxxx the same xxxxxxx before:  no xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx me, get xxxxxxx in on xxxxxxx for full xxxxxxx etc.



Health Goal xxxxxxx #2

SAMPLE xxxxxxx student’s xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is longer xxxxxxx the required xxxxxxx page)


My xxxxxxx health goal xxxxxxx to go xxxxxxx climbing more xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx This was xxxxxxx good goal xxxxxxx me xxxxxxx xxxxxxx now have xxxxxxx free time xxxxxxx my hands xxxxxxx I’m not xxxxxxx any longer…just xxxxxxx to school.  xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx back into xxxxxxx and this xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to do xxxxxxx My goal xxxxxxx to go xxxxxxx at least xxxxxxx times a xxxxxxx for about xxxxxxx xxxxxxx each xxxxxxx I met xxxxxxx requirements almost xxxxxxx week xxxxxxx xxxxxxx assigned time.


On xxxxxxx scale of xxxxxxx to 10 xxxxxxx feel like xxxxxxx efforts deserve xxxxxxx 8 because xxxxxxx xxxxxxx most xxxxxxx I followed xxxxxxx guidelines and xxxxxxx definitely xxxxxxx xxxxxxx at rock xxxxxxx which was xxxxxxx a part xxxxxxx my overall xxxxxxx I did xxxxxxx deserve a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx a whole xxxxxxx But at xxxxxxx same xxxxxxx xxxxxxx feel like xxxxxxx made the xxxxxxx decision to xxxxxxx more time xxxxxxx that particular xxxxxxx than on xxxxxxx xxxxxxx wall xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to go xxxxxxx school and xxxxxxx myself and xxxxxxx will always xxxxxxx free and xxxxxxx have had xxxxxxx xxxxxxx come xxxxxxx my (mostly) xxxxxxx climbing schedule.  xxxxxxx main xxxxxxx xxxxxxx have noticed xxxxxxx my strength xxxxxxx in my xxxxxxx and fingers.  xxxxxxx I was xxxxxxx at how xxxxxxx xxxxxxx climbing xxxxxxx for my xxxxxxx and athletic xxxxxxx This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to me xxxxxxx I know xxxxxxx as I xxxxxxx older, my xxxxxxx and endurance xxxxxxx be far xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx health than xxxxxxx actual strength xxxxxxx my xxxxxxx xxxxxxx part of xxxxxxx healthy as xxxxxxx get older xxxxxxx my diet.  xxxxxxx I get xxxxxxx a really xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx junk food, xxxxxxx will carry xxxxxxx into xxxxxxx xxxxxxx years where xxxxxxx will eventually xxxxxxx a problem.  xxxxxxx has also xxxxxxx me with xxxxxxx because regular xxxxxxx xxxxxxx regular xxxxxxx times and xxxxxxx I actually xxxxxxx better xxxxxxx xxxxxxx my exercise xxxxxxx just feeling xxxxxxx alone drives xxxxxxx to eat xxxxxxx first I xxxxxxx really think xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx goal would xxxxxxx enough alone xxxxxxx motivate xxxxxxx xxxxxxx actually do xxxxxxx significant.  I xxxxxxx wrong in xxxxxxx ways:  the xxxxxxx became something xxxxxxx more than xxxxxxx xxxxxxx became xxxxxxx mental support xxxxxxx for myself xxxxxxx it xxxxxxx xxxxxxx enough to xxxxxxx me to xxxxxxx something about xxxxxxx health and xxxxxxx my ways.  xxxxxxx realized that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx coming up xxxxxxx a goal xxxxxxx yourself xxxxxxx xxxxxxx pursuing that xxxxxxx can be xxxxxxx very powerful xxxxxxx It’s also xxxxxxx to realize xxxxxxx can make xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ALL xxxxxxx YOUR OWN.  xxxxxxx have come xxxxxxx love xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and this xxxxxxx great because xxxxxxx I can xxxxxxx to continue xxxxxxx goal as xxxxxxx as possible.  xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx it so xxxxxxx it made xxxxxxx easy xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and complete xxxxxxx Climbing has xxxxxxx me a xxxxxxx and I xxxxxxx it all xxxxxxx this goal xxxxxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxxx align="center"> 

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