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English 100T, Winter 2013

Prairie Brown






The plant photosynthesis to make carbohydrates that it needs to survive. This is the energy for the plants. The plants will grow anywhere. There are all kinds of plants and only one way to make plants grow. There are many different types of plants. The plants are grown for their looks and colors. Plants are all around us. All plants need sunlight, air, water, and soil to be healthy and grow. Plants won't grow without light. During the daytime without their leaves won't live because they won't produce food. There are so many plants out there and many varieties of plants. I like the look of them. Not all plants are easy to plant and care for. I think it's really cool to Watch the plants grow depending on how much care for them you do. The more you take care of them, the more it will grow. Everyone knows how to make a plant grow. In plants, water is important for the plants.Without the plants there wouldn’t be insects or other animals around. They are important. You can grow any kinds of plant for food, decoration, and for a hobby to do. I picked the title plants because everyone knows what they are. Although there are many types of plants, each plant are the same way to make it grow and have different ways to take care of them. The outside plants, the indoor plants, and the outside/indoor kind are the plants that can grow in either kind.

         All the indoor plants are the plants that need the window light and good soil to grow. These plants are the kind you can have in your house or in any indoor place. They are good to grow indoors and good for your health. Having plants inside your house makes your home feel good because it makes an outdoors feel to it. The indoor plants are more to take care of because with out enough light, like if it was outside plant it will die much faster. You can grow almost any plant you want indoors. You just take care of them more.

       The outdoor plants are much different because these plants have the natural sunlight and grow outside. They grow healthy outside. Watering the outdoor plants is important. You can grow any kind of plant outdoors. These plants are usually bigger plants. You can grow a garden. They get the most vitamins and grow the healthiest. Also the outdoor plants have the more variety to choose from to grow outside. The plants are made to grow this way. It’s best for the plants to grow outside in the outdoors. Unlike the indoor and the outdoor kind of plants these plants are different.

          The indoor/outdoor plants are the kind you can grow either inside or outside. These plants can be grown both ways. You have more choices in growing these plants. You grow outside or you grow inside. These plants need everything it needs to be healthy. It is cool to have the opportunity to grow them this way. Having them grow indoors the plants won’t have much to grow big and strong like the outdoors plants would. But also the plants both will grow healthy if it’s these kinds of plants if it is inside or outside. These are the kind of plants you grow and take care of. The plants are all the same to grow but they’re different ways to take care of them. Everyone knows how to take care of plants and to grow them the same way with water, sunlight, and good soil. Plants are all the same and are different too. I know how to take care of plants. It is simple to do. There are many plants some can be good and some can be bad. There are some poisonous plants. All these plants grow the same way.

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English xxxxxxx Winter 2013

Prairie xxxxxxx align="center">Plants


The plant xxxxxxx xxxxxxx make xxxxxxx that it xxxxxxx to survive. xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx The plants xxxxxxx grow anywhere. There xxxxxxx all kinds xxxxxxx plants and xxxxxxx one way xxxxxxx xxxxxxx plants xxxxxxx There are xxxxxxx different types xxxxxxx plants. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx are grown xxxxxxx their looks xxxxxxx colors. Plants xxxxxxx all around xxxxxxx All plants xxxxxxx sunlight, air, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx soil xxxxxxx be healthy xxxxxxx grow. Plants xxxxxxx grow xxxxxxx xxxxxxx During the xxxxxxx their leaves xxxxxxx live because xxxxxxx won't produce xxxxxxx There are xxxxxxx many plants xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx varieties of xxxxxxx I like xxxxxxx look xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Not all xxxxxxx are easy xxxxxxx plant and xxxxxxx for. I xxxxxxx it's really xxxxxxx to Watch xxxxxxx xxxxxxx grow xxxxxxx on how xxxxxxx care for xxxxxxx you xxxxxxx xxxxxxx more you xxxxxxx care of xxxxxxx the more xxxxxxx will grow. xxxxxxx knows how xxxxxxx make a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx In xxxxxxx water is xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx wouldn’t be xxxxxxx or other xxxxxxx around. They xxxxxxx important. You xxxxxxx grow any xxxxxxx of plant xxxxxxx xxxxxxx decoration, xxxxxxx for a xxxxxxx to do. xxxxxxx picked xxxxxxx xxxxxxx plants because xxxxxxx knows what xxxxxxx are. Although xxxxxxx are many xxxxxxx of plants, xxxxxxx plant are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx way xxxxxxx make it xxxxxxx and have xxxxxxx ways xxxxxxx xxxxxxx care of xxxxxxx The outside xxxxxxx the indoor xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx kind are xxxxxxx plants that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx kind.

         All xxxxxxx indoor plants xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx need the xxxxxxx light and xxxxxxx soil to xxxxxxx These plants xxxxxxx the kind xxxxxxx can have xxxxxxx xxxxxxx house xxxxxxx in any xxxxxxx place. They xxxxxxx good xxxxxxx xxxxxxx indoors and xxxxxxx for your xxxxxxx Having plants xxxxxxx your house xxxxxxx your home xxxxxxx good because xxxxxxx xxxxxxx an xxxxxxx feel to xxxxxxx The indoor xxxxxxx are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx take care xxxxxxx because with xxxxxxx enough light, xxxxxxx if it xxxxxxx outside plant xxxxxxx will die xxxxxxx xxxxxxx You xxxxxxx grow almost xxxxxxx plant you xxxxxxx indoors. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx take care xxxxxxx them more.

       xxxxxxx outdoor plants xxxxxxx much different xxxxxxx these plants xxxxxxx the natural xxxxxxx xxxxxxx grow xxxxxxx They grow xxxxxxx outside. Watering xxxxxxx outdoor xxxxxxx xxxxxxx important. You xxxxxxx grow any xxxxxxx of plant xxxxxxx These plants xxxxxxx usually bigger xxxxxxx You can xxxxxxx xxxxxxx garden. xxxxxxx get the xxxxxxx vitamins and xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the outdoor xxxxxxx have the xxxxxxx variety to xxxxxxx from to xxxxxxx outside. The xxxxxxx are made xxxxxxx xxxxxxx this xxxxxxx It’s best xxxxxxx the plants xxxxxxx grow xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the outdoors. xxxxxxx the indoor xxxxxxx the outdoor xxxxxxx of plants xxxxxxx plants are xxxxxxx The indoor/outdoor xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx you can xxxxxxx either inside xxxxxxx outside. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx can be xxxxxxx both ways. xxxxxxx have more xxxxxxx in growing xxxxxxx plants. You xxxxxxx outside or xxxxxxx xxxxxxx inside. xxxxxxx plants need xxxxxxx it needs xxxxxxx be xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is cool xxxxxxx have the xxxxxxx to grow xxxxxxx this way. xxxxxxx them grow xxxxxxx the plants xxxxxxx xxxxxxx much xxxxxxx grow big xxxxxxx strong like xxxxxxx outdoors xxxxxxx xxxxxxx But also xxxxxxx plants both xxxxxxx grow healthy xxxxxxx it’s these xxxxxxx of plants xxxxxxx it is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx outside. xxxxxxx are the xxxxxxx of plants xxxxxxx grow xxxxxxx xxxxxxx care of. xxxxxxx plants are xxxxxxx the same xxxxxxx grow but xxxxxxx different ways xxxxxxx take care xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Everyone xxxxxxx how to xxxxxxx care of xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx them the xxxxxxx way with xxxxxxx sunlight, and xxxxxxx soil. Plants xxxxxxx all the xxxxxxx and are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx how to xxxxxxx care of xxxxxxx It xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to do. xxxxxxx are many xxxxxxx some can xxxxxxx good and xxxxxxx can be xxxxxxx There are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx plants. xxxxxxx these plants xxxxxxx the same xxxxxxx

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