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The world’s largest beverage company is The Coca-Cola Company. Formed in 1886, at present it is considered as one of the biggest manufacturers, distributer and marketers of beverages in the world. Approximately the business of Coca Cola is widely spread among 312 countries to which it offers more than 400 brands.


The world is imposing a huge numbers of challenges on the company. To come close or defeat the company brand new strategies are being used by competitors. At present the company should have a forward looking perspective and understanding of the market if they really want their business to flourish in the near future. The company should prepare themselves for new challenges which are going to come in front of them in the future and how to tackle the same. Their vision should be to prepare a “Roadmap” which will provide them a long term destination program for their business and win over their bottling competitors in the next ten years.


Business Goals & Objectives

The steady mission of the company declares its significance and helps in determining its decisions and actions. Proper leadership management is the key to achieve its set goals and objectives for the company. These goals include:

  • Accelerate carbonated drinks growth led by Coca Cola.
  • Expansion of the beverage brands to encourage the profitable growth.
  • Grow system capability and profitability to match with their bottling partners.
  • Impel efficiency and cost-effectiveness all over.

To manage and counter risks both at domestic and global markets the corporate strategy of the company is properly aligned. To name a few includes dealing with the issue of shortage of the quality adequate water in its regions. Therefore, to prevent increased costs of the production establishment of sustainable water supply holds top priority among the company’s strategic plan.


So far, the company’s brand stability in the market is only a partial success for the company. Production of the Dasani, the second best selling bottled water shows the willingness of the company to diversify its products and keeping note of changing consumer trends, tastes and preference (Gootenberg 239). To meet international standards and production of the quality products the company has invested large sum of money in product testing and fair handling of workforces. However, non implementation of non-carbonated product innovation has kept the rate of growth between the Coca-Cola and its competitors as almost equal. Moreover, it has not been able to make use of its international customer base to establish its global presence and create its own bottling plant, which would reduce costs (Dubé 890).


IT Strategies aligned with Business Goals & Objectives

The main concern nowadays for organizational leaders has become the word “Change”. Change is taking place all over the world and in all sectors of life which is increasing its complexity. The success of the organizations will depend on how well the organizational leaders manage such changes. Till date the success of Coca- Cola Company is due to its proper handling of a number of changes faced by it both in the internal and external environment. The company used the policy of changed tastes and expectations of the consumers to deal with the external environment. To name a few strategies used by the company includes adoption of the Coca Cola zero and diet coke which dealt with obese consumers as obesity was seen to increase especially in United States. Another strategy applied was to deal with the health and fitness of its customers by introducing a new soft drink called the Enviga, which is meant to burn calories. The new health and fitness trend which is increasing rapidly these days and impacting the company’s business majorly the above changes had become a must.


For every company to attain success it is necessary to motivate its employee’s. Increments in salaries, increasing their rests days, appreciation, career development and promotions are a few ways of rewarding the staff among others. For the company’s success and to increase work efficiency the company has always rewarded its staff. The industrial relations between the employees and the managers is always affected by the company’s culture. Disagreements between the top management and the staff which leads to no motivation and thus inefficiencies in production are a result of such poor culture followed in the organization.


The usage of its major resources and planning the same for the business as a whole is termed as the organization’s strategy. The internal fitting of the pieces of the organization together is known as the organization’s structure.


Delivering consistent and profitable growth, to have the highest quality products and processes and 'to be the world's leading provider of branded beverage solutions are the goals of The Coca-Cola Company.


Six strategic priorities have been established and built these into every aspect of its business by the company to achieve this goal:

  1. Speed up carbonated soft drinks growth, led by Coca-Cola
  2. Enlarge the family of products, wherever suitable e.g. bottled water, tea, coffee, juices, energy drinks
  3. Grow system profitability & capability together with the bottlers
  4. Innovatively serve customers (e.g. retailers) to build their businesses
  5. Invest shrewdly in market growth
  6. Constrain efficiency & cost effectiveness by using technology and large scale production to control costs enabling our people to achieve astonishing results every day.


Organizational Structure

There are many ways to structure an organization. For example, a structure may be built around:

  • function: reflecting main specialism’s e.g. marketing, finance, production, distribution
  • product: reflecting product categories e.g. bread, pies, cakes, biscuits
  • process: reflecting different processes e.g. storage, manufacturing, packing, delivery.

To meet the aims of the company the organizational structures need to be designed. Proper designing involves combining elasticity of decision making, and the sharing of best ideas across the organization, with appropriate levels of management and control from the centre.

To encourage teamwork the company has built flexible structures like other modern organizations. For example, teams of employees with different specialism’s have been brought together at Coca-Cola Great Britain for any new product development (e.g. Coca-Cola Vanilla).


A Separate International Division Structure has been established by The Coca-Cola Company because its international staffs operate separately and in isolation from head office. All continents around the world have various divisions with presidents that control each continental division. Coca-Cola has 5 continental divisions: (1) Eurasia & Africa Group (2) Europe Group (3) Latin America Group (4) North America Group and (5) Pacific Group


Based on regions and countries, each Continental division has vice presidents that control sub-divisions. Since it is a very large company the present structure is well-organized for Coca-Cola. (Creating an effective organizational structure, Case Study)

Coca-Cola is termed as an ethnocentric MNC since its domestic and international operations are very similar. Coca-Cola operates in the same way and sells the same brand and type of soft drink regardless of the country or region. The head office of the company has tight control over its operations. (Organizational Structure, from coke mnc blogspot)


IT Infratructure

In recent years investment in information technology (IT) infrastructure has become a calculated organizational choice. IT infrastructure is a major business resource and a potential source for attaining sustainable competitive advantage (Keen, 1991; McKenney, 1995). IT infrastructure investments represent more than half of total IT budgets and they have increased at about 11 percent annually (Weill and Broadbent, 1998). A change in the IT infrastructure on a short period of time is difficult due to involvement of large investments and results from the same evolves overtime on a cumulative installation basis. Decisions related to IT infrastructure made today have a reflective impact on the organization’s future competitiveness due to its dependency on IT infrastructure and the difficulty to change an installed IT infrastructure base.


IT Challenges

Today, company’s functionality may cripple or in some extreme cases may even render them obsolete due to a host of issues faced by them. These are common challenges faced by a majority of organizations which are mainly dependent on the company’s nature of operations.

(1) As compared to the previous century, technological advancements today are on the increase. Modern technology has to be employed by an organization so as to offer services, which are relevant, cost effective and compatible with society's needs. The initial cost of acquiring it, maintaining and running operations using the acquired technology is inhibitive. Moreover the organizations have to reinvest in current technology frequently so as to sustain their relevance due to the short duration of most technological innovation.


The organization in today’s environment faces challenges such as the fast changing nature of peoples likes, dislikes, preferences, opinions and lifestyles since the people are the recipients of a firm's services or goods.


(2) To determine the most appropriate way of matching a customer’ needs, nowadays companies are investing heavily in customer behaviour analysis to tackle the difficulty created by generational gaps. Only the top notch large scale organizations have been able to handle the challenge of making profit coupled with competition, (both fair and unfair).


(3) Constant instability in the running of corporations is due to factors such as unstable economies and currencies. In present scenario other external factors such as exchange rates, amount of exports and imports and political factors have cropped up. In the recent past there has been a moderately high incidence of economic instability.

Albeit, national economies are recovering from a global economic meltdown today, most organizations have been negatively affected by the meltdown leading to massive layoffs.


(4) In the recent past there have been increases in cases of frauds and fraudulent or questionable business operations and agreements. Loopholes have been created in various systems by the custodians of an organizations policy who are increasingly bending the organizations guidelines. To avoid loses created by those who are meant to safeguard it heavier investments are made in more secure operational systems,


It is worthy to note that a company attempt to assess the risk it invites during employment of an individual by following more stringent recruitment procedures. Today most of the organizations are grappling with this upcoming trend. In essence, more efforts need to be applied if organizations are to meet their aims since factors both within and outside the corporation's environment are continually impacting negatively on their success. (Challenges faced by Organizations, Case study)



Among other things, changes in consumer preferences, including changes based on health and nutrition considerations and obesity concerns; shifting consumer tastes and needs; changes in consumer lifestyles; and competitive product and pricing pressures are a few reasons for the rapid evolvement of the environment for the nonalcoholic beverages business. In addition, the trend toward consolidation in the retail channel is affecting our industry, particularly in Europe and the United States. Our share of sales, volume growth and overall financial results could be negatively affected if we are unable to successfully adapt to this rapidly changing environment.


Some well-established global companies and many local players our providing strong competition to our Company. In order to maintain our brand loyalty and market share and strengthen our capabilities in marketing and innovation we must continue to selectively expand into other profitable segments of the nonalcoholic beverages segment of the commercial beverages industry. (Coca-Cola company website)




Despite the existing weaknesses and strengths, Coca-Cola is a name which has strong brand and a market leader. For instance, in the global markets one of its products named Dasani water, remains the second best selling bottled water. The willingness of the company to diversify its products to meet the modern changing consumer, tastes, preferences and trends is proved by the huge investments the company channels to market research and advertisements. However, the non implementation of non-carbonated production technologies by the company has lead to stiff competition from other companies such as Pepsi Company, since. Even though, the company has been able to establish a remarkable international presence (Gootenberg 241).

















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The xxxxxxx largest beverage xxxxxxx is The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Formed xxxxxxx 1886, at xxxxxxx it is xxxxxxx as xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the biggest xxxxxxx distributer and xxxxxxx of beverages xxxxxxx the world. xxxxxxx the business xxxxxxx Coca Cola xxxxxxx xxxxxxx spread xxxxxxx 312 countries xxxxxxx which it xxxxxxx more xxxxxxx xxxxxxx brands.


The world xxxxxxx imposing a xxxxxxx numbers of xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxx To come xxxxxxx or defeat xxxxxxx xxxxxxx brand xxxxxxx strategies are xxxxxxx used by xxxxxxx At xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company should xxxxxxx a forward xxxxxxx perspective and xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx if they xxxxxxx want their xxxxxxx xxxxxxx flourish xxxxxxx the near xxxxxxx The company xxxxxxx prepare xxxxxxx xxxxxxx new challenges xxxxxxx are going xxxxxxx come in xxxxxxx of them xxxxxxx the future xxxxxxx how to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx same. xxxxxxx vision should xxxxxxx to prepare xxxxxxx “Roadmap” xxxxxxx xxxxxxx provide them xxxxxxx long term xxxxxxx program for xxxxxxx business and xxxxxxx over their xxxxxxx competitors in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ten xxxxxxx align="center">Business Goals xxxxxxx Objectives

The steady xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx declares its xxxxxxx and helps xxxxxxx determining its xxxxxxx and actions. xxxxxxx leadership management xxxxxxx the key xxxxxxx xxxxxxx its xxxxxxx goals and xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx These xxxxxxx xxxxxxx carbonated drinks xxxxxxx led by xxxxxxx Cola.

  • Expansion of xxxxxxx beverage brands xxxxxxx encourage the xxxxxxx growth.
  • Grow system xxxxxxx xxxxxxx profitability xxxxxxx match with xxxxxxx bottling partners.
  • Impel xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx over.
  • To manage xxxxxxx counter risks xxxxxxx at domestic xxxxxxx global markets xxxxxxx corporate strategy xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx xxxxxxx aligned. xxxxxxx name a xxxxxxx includes dealing xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx shortage of xxxxxxx quality adequate xxxxxxx in its xxxxxxx Therefore, to xxxxxxx increased costs xxxxxxx the production xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sustainable xxxxxxx supply holds xxxxxxx priority among xxxxxxx company’s xxxxxxx xxxxxxx far, the xxxxxxx brand stability xxxxxxx the market xxxxxxx only a xxxxxxx success for xxxxxxx company. Production xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Dasani, xxxxxxx second best xxxxxxx bottled water xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx diversify its xxxxxxx and keeping xxxxxxx of changing xxxxxxx trends, tastes xxxxxxx preference (Gootenberg xxxxxxx xxxxxxx meet xxxxxxx standards and xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx products xxxxxxx xxxxxxx has invested xxxxxxx sum of xxxxxxx in product xxxxxxx and fair xxxxxxx of workforces. xxxxxxx non implementation xxxxxxx xxxxxxx product xxxxxxx has kept xxxxxxx rate of xxxxxxx between xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and its xxxxxxx as almost xxxxxxx Moreover, it xxxxxxx not been xxxxxxx to make xxxxxxx of its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx base xxxxxxx establish its xxxxxxx presence and xxxxxxx its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx plant, which xxxxxxx reduce costs xxxxxxx 890).


    IT xxxxxxx aligned with xxxxxxx Goals & xxxxxxx main concern xxxxxxx xxxxxxx organizational xxxxxxx has become xxxxxxx word “Change”. xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx all over xxxxxxx world and xxxxxxx all sectors xxxxxxx life which xxxxxxx increasing its xxxxxxx The success xxxxxxx xxxxxxx organizations xxxxxxx depend on xxxxxxx well the xxxxxxx leaders xxxxxxx xxxxxxx changes. Till xxxxxxx the success xxxxxxx Coca- Cola xxxxxxx is due xxxxxxx its proper xxxxxxx of a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx changes xxxxxxx by it xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx The company xxxxxxx the policy xxxxxxx changed tastes xxxxxxx expectations of xxxxxxx consumers to xxxxxxx with the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx To xxxxxxx a few xxxxxxx used by xxxxxxx company xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx Cola zero xxxxxxx diet coke xxxxxxx dealt with xxxxxxx consumers as xxxxxxx was seen xxxxxxx xxxxxxx especially xxxxxxx United States. xxxxxxx strategy applied xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the health xxxxxxx fitness of xxxxxxx customers by xxxxxxx a new xxxxxxx drink called xxxxxxx Enviga, which xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx calories. The xxxxxxx health and xxxxxxx trend xxxxxxx xxxxxxx increasing rapidly xxxxxxx days and xxxxxxx the company’s xxxxxxx majorly the xxxxxxx changes had xxxxxxx a must.


    For xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx success it xxxxxxx necessary to xxxxxxx its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in salaries, xxxxxxx their rests xxxxxxx appreciation, career xxxxxxx and promotions xxxxxxx a few xxxxxxx of rewarding xxxxxxx xxxxxxx among xxxxxxx For the xxxxxxx success and xxxxxxx increase xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx always rewarded xxxxxxx staff. The xxxxxxx relations between xxxxxxx employees and xxxxxxx managers is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx by xxxxxxx company’s culture. xxxxxxx between the xxxxxxx management xxxxxxx xxxxxxx staff which xxxxxxx to no xxxxxxx and thus xxxxxxx in production xxxxxxx a result xxxxxxx such poor xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx organization.


    The usage xxxxxxx its major xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx same for xxxxxxx business as xxxxxxx whole is xxxxxxx as the xxxxxxx strategy. The xxxxxxx fitting of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx organization together xxxxxxx known as xxxxxxx organization’s xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and profitable xxxxxxx to have xxxxxxx highest quality xxxxxxx and processes xxxxxxx 'to be xxxxxxx world's leading xxxxxxx xxxxxxx branded xxxxxxx solutions are xxxxxxx goals of xxxxxxx Coca-Cola xxxxxxx xxxxxxx priorities have xxxxxxx established and xxxxxxx these into xxxxxxx aspect of xxxxxxx business by xxxxxxx company to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx goal:

    1. Speed xxxxxxx carbonated soft xxxxxxx growth, led xxxxxxx Coca-Cola
    2. Enlarge xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of products, xxxxxxx suitable e.g. xxxxxxx water, tea, xxxxxxx juices, energy xxxxxxx system profitability xxxxxxx capability together xxxxxxx xxxxxxx bottlers
    3. Innovatively xxxxxxx customers (e.g. xxxxxxx to build xxxxxxx businesses
    4. Invest xxxxxxx xxxxxxx market growth
    5. Constrain xxxxxxx & cost xxxxxxx by using xxxxxxx and large xxxxxxx production to xxxxxxx costs enabling xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx astonishing results xxxxxxx day.


    Organizational xxxxxxx are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to structure xxxxxxx organization. For xxxxxxx a structure xxxxxxx be built xxxxxxx reflecting main xxxxxxx e.g. marketing, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx distribution

  • product: xxxxxxx product categories xxxxxxx bread, pies, xxxxxxx biscuits
  • process: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx processes e.g. xxxxxxx manufacturing, packing, xxxxxxx meet the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx the organizational xxxxxxx need to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Proper xxxxxxx involves combining xxxxxxx of decision xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of best xxxxxxx across the xxxxxxx with appropriate xxxxxxx of management xxxxxxx control from xxxxxxx centre.

    To encourage xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company xxxxxxx built flexible xxxxxxx like other xxxxxxx organizations. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx teams of xxxxxxx with different xxxxxxx have been xxxxxxx together at xxxxxxx Great Britain xxxxxxx any new xxxxxxx xxxxxxx (e.g. xxxxxxx Vanilla).


    A Separate xxxxxxx Division Structure xxxxxxx been xxxxxxx xxxxxxx The Coca-Cola xxxxxxx because its xxxxxxx staffs operate xxxxxxx and in xxxxxxx from head xxxxxxx All continents xxxxxxx xxxxxxx world xxxxxxx various divisions xxxxxxx presidents that xxxxxxx each xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Coca-Cola has xxxxxxx continental divisions: xxxxxxx Eurasia & xxxxxxx Group (2) xxxxxxx Group (3) xxxxxxx America Group xxxxxxx xxxxxxx America xxxxxxx and (5) xxxxxxx Group


    Based on xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Continental division xxxxxxx vice presidents xxxxxxx control sub-divisions. xxxxxxx it is xxxxxxx very large xxxxxxx the present xxxxxxx xxxxxxx well-organized xxxxxxx Coca-Cola. (Creating xxxxxxx effective organizational xxxxxxx Case xxxxxxx xxxxxxx src="file:///C:/Users/ANKITA/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image003.gif" width="585" xxxxxxx is termed xxxxxxx an ethnocentric xxxxxxx since its xxxxxxx and international xxxxxxx are very xxxxxxx xxxxxxx operates xxxxxxx the same xxxxxxx and sells xxxxxxx same xxxxxxx xxxxxxx type of xxxxxxx drink regardless xxxxxxx the country xxxxxxx region. The xxxxxxx office of xxxxxxx company has xxxxxxx xxxxxxx over xxxxxxx operations. (Organizational xxxxxxx from coke xxxxxxx blogspot)


    IT Challenges

    Today, xxxxxxx functionality may xxxxxxx or in xxxxxxx extreme cases xxxxxxx even render xxxxxxx xxxxxxx due xxxxxxx a host xxxxxxx issues faced xxxxxxx them. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx common challenges xxxxxxx by a xxxxxxx of organizations xxxxxxx are mainly xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxx nature of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx compared xxxxxxx the previous xxxxxxx technological advancements xxxxxxx are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx increase. Modern xxxxxxx has to xxxxxxx employed by xxxxxxx organization so xxxxxxx to offer xxxxxxx which are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx effective xxxxxxx compatible with xxxxxxx needs. The xxxxxxx cost xxxxxxx xxxxxxx it, maintaining xxxxxxx running operations xxxxxxx the acquired xxxxxxx is inhibitive. xxxxxxx the organizations xxxxxxx to reinvest xxxxxxx xxxxxxx technology xxxxxxx so as xxxxxxx sustain their xxxxxxx due xxxxxxx xxxxxxx short duration xxxxxxx most technological xxxxxxx organization in xxxxxxx environment faces xxxxxxx such as xxxxxxx fast changing xxxxxxx xxxxxxx peoples xxxxxxx dislikes, preferences, xxxxxxx and lifestyles xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the recipients xxxxxxx a firm's xxxxxxx or goods.


    (2) xxxxxxx determine the xxxxxxx appropriate way xxxxxxx matching a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx nowadays xxxxxxx are investing xxxxxxx in customer xxxxxxx analysis xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the difficulty xxxxxxx by generational xxxxxxx Only the xxxxxxx notch large xxxxxxx organizations have xxxxxxx able to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx challenge xxxxxxx making profit xxxxxxx with competition, xxxxxxx fair xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Constant instability xxxxxxx the running xxxxxxx corporations is xxxxxxx to factors xxxxxxx as unstable xxxxxxx and currencies. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx scenario xxxxxxx external factors xxxxxxx as exchange xxxxxxx amount xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and imports xxxxxxx political factors xxxxxxx cropped up. xxxxxxx the recent xxxxxxx there has xxxxxxx a moderately xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx instability.

    Albeit, national xxxxxxx are recovering xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx meltdown today, xxxxxxx organizations have xxxxxxx negatively affected xxxxxxx the meltdown xxxxxxx to massive xxxxxxx In the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx there xxxxxxx been increases xxxxxxx cases of xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx questionable business xxxxxxx and agreements. xxxxxxx have been xxxxxxx in various xxxxxxx by the xxxxxxx of an xxxxxxx xxxxxxx who xxxxxxx increasingly bending xxxxxxx organizations guidelines. xxxxxxx avoid xxxxxxx xxxxxxx by those xxxxxxx are meant xxxxxxx safeguard it xxxxxxx investments are xxxxxxx in more xxxxxxx operational systems,


    It xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx that a xxxxxxx attempt to xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx invites during xxxxxxx of an xxxxxxx by following xxxxxxx stringent recruitment xxxxxxx Today most xxxxxxx the organizations xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with xxxxxxx upcoming trend. xxxxxxx essence, more xxxxxxx need xxxxxxx xxxxxxx applied if xxxxxxx are to xxxxxxx their aims xxxxxxx factors both xxxxxxx and outside xxxxxxx corporation's environment xxxxxxx xxxxxxx impacting xxxxxxx on their xxxxxxx (Challenges faced xxxxxxx Organizations, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx align="center">Risks

    Among other xxxxxxx changes in xxxxxxx preferences, including xxxxxxx based on xxxxxxx and nutrition xxxxxxx and obesity xxxxxxx xxxxxxx consumer xxxxxxx and needs; xxxxxxx in consumer xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and pricing xxxxxxx are a xxxxxxx reasons for xxxxxxx rapid evolvement xxxxxxx the environment xxxxxxx the nonalcoholic xxxxxxx xxxxxxx In xxxxxxx the trend xxxxxxx consolidation in xxxxxxx retail xxxxxxx xxxxxxx affecting our xxxxxxx particularly in xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx States. Our xxxxxxx of sales, xxxxxxx growth and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx results xxxxxxx be negatively xxxxxxx if we xxxxxxx unable xxxxxxx xxxxxxx adapt to xxxxxxx rapidly changing xxxxxxx well-established global xxxxxxx and many xxxxxxx players our xxxxxxx strong competition xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Company. xxxxxxx order to xxxxxxx our brand xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and strengthen xxxxxxx capabilities in xxxxxxx and innovation xxxxxxx must continue xxxxxxx selectively expand xxxxxxx other profitable xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx beverages segment xxxxxxx the commercial xxxxxxx industry. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx website)




    Despite xxxxxxx existing weaknesses xxxxxxx strengths, Coca-Cola xxxxxxx a name xxxxxxx has strong xxxxxxx and a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx For xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx markets one xxxxxxx its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Dasani water, xxxxxxx the second xxxxxxx selling bottled xxxxxxx The willingness xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx diversify its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx meet xxxxxxx modern changing xxxxxxx tastes, preferences xxxxxxx trends xxxxxxx xxxxxxx by the xxxxxxx investments the xxxxxxx channels to xxxxxxx research and xxxxxxx However, the xxxxxxx implementation of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx technologies xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx lead to xxxxxxx competition xxxxxxx xxxxxxx companies such xxxxxxx Pepsi Company, xxxxxxx Even though, xxxxxxx company has xxxxxxx able to xxxxxxx a remarkable xxxxxxx xxxxxxx (Gootenberg xxxxxxx align="center">References:


    1) Gootenberg xxxxxxx Dubé 890

    Coca xxxxxxx Company xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Essay Paper



    2) xxxxxxx an effective xxxxxxx structure, Case xxxxxxx Organizational Structure, xxxxxxx coke mnc xxxxxxx Challenges faced xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Case xxxxxxx Coca-Cola company xxxxxxx

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