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Grade Control Systems










The Market has been flooded with a wide range of grade control systems in the construction industry. With the variability in the different range of grade control systems, it is prudent to make crucial choices that will win the market. This paper researches on the grade control systems in the construction industry that will help creating a web that keeps other competitors out.

Accugrade Grade Control System -This system increases productivity up to 40% and reduces the total costs during a project. This system is created using complex factory systems that are independent of sensor and uses GPS, sonic, and ATS forms of know-how in the development of grade systems. Since an effective grade control system is evaluated using labor effectiveness, efficiency, and cost, this system tries to cater for all these factors and provides up to 95% customer satisfaction.  Its efficiency is enhanced by the guidance features in the system, the blade controls that are automatic, and a generally effective and efficient grade control system that alleviates the need for extra supervision. Being a product of the CAT this product seems to be one of the most effective grade control systems in the current market for grade control systems that goes for $6999.00 (CAT, 2013).

Trimble GCS900 Grade Control system is also a system that seems to concur with the needs of most construction projects. This system uses GradeMax technology that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine during a construction project. The other factor that makes this system more effective is its ability to integrate office and filed work in perfecting a construction project. The system uses GNSS and other forms telemeter technology in improving communication. The system does not require sensors and the automated blade control makes it easy for the machine to adjust to different conditions. This system goes for $6780.00 and seems to be an effective system that can work on different conditions, therefore improving on performance and labor intensiveness of the project (Trimble, 2013).  

The GCSFlex Grade control system-This system uses Wi-Fi technology in improving the communication in the due process of construction from a base station. Additionally, there is a design that is built from the control box of the system, allowing the operator to gauge the correct depths and alignments. The system also has several sensor settings that help in perfecting the work of the grade control system.  This machine is simple to operate and can be used by small or mid sized contractors in carrying out their construction projects. Additionally, this system does not require prior planning in the office as it has been designed with the capability of digging to the desired depths and other modifications in the construction industry. The price for this system is $7100.00.With the Wi-Fi and GCSFlex technologies, it is possible to cut down the costs that would be used using other grade control systems (SitePrep, 2012).  

Topcon 3D-MC2-This is a grade control system product that can proof also to be effective in the construction industry. Unlike the GCSFlex, this system uses antennae in receiving communication from the base unit. The system uses GNNSS technology in enhancing the protocols used during communication. Owners of this system believe that through the technology that is used by the system, the project managers are likely to witness increased productivity, timely work, and low operating costs of the grade control systems. This grade control system has been priced at $6400.00.  However, the effectiveness of this system stands to be doubted since the GNNSS technology used in communication seems to be less effective as compared to GPS technology (TopCon, 2013).

BladePro: 3D Automatic grade Control Systems- This one of the most sophisticated grade control systems that are in existence in the construction industry. This system uses automated blades with advanced computer technology. The price for this system is $7500.00. This system uses software designed using DTM technology, robotic stations, and a control system that takes care of the blade of the motor grader. Communication in the grade control system is enhanced using a robotic station that ensures real time positioning based on the information that is usually stored in the data card. The technology used in this system has therefore been widely used in perfecting road, railway, and airport construction (Purdue University, 2013).

Powergrade 3D- this is a control system that has really created a new face in construction. This system is mainly aimed at regulating the slope and the elevation of the blade of a dozer during construction. Through a robust technology, the power grade 3D is in a position to control the blades of a dozer automatically and control the hydraulic system of the dozer. The robust technology helps on improving on precision and the total speed during construction. The price for this system is $7100.00. This is a product that is likely to increase effectiveness during construction (Scan Laser Machine Control, 2013).

From the range of products that have been provided, different technologies have been used in developing the grade control systems. From GPS to Wi-Fi, it is evident that the current grade control systems have positively impacted the construction industry. Even though all of them might be appealing, it is important to reconsider and evaluate the level of technology used in developing the system and the relevance of the technology to the needs of a construction project.


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xxxxxxx system increases xxxxxxx up to xxxxxxx and reduces xxxxxxx total costs xxxxxxx a project. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx using complex xxxxxxx systems that xxxxxxx independent xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and uses xxxxxxx sonic, and xxxxxxx forms of xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx of grade xxxxxxx Since an xxxxxxx xxxxxxx control xxxxxxx is evaluated xxxxxxx labor effectiveness, xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system tries xxxxxxx cater for xxxxxxx these factors xxxxxxx provides up xxxxxxx 95% customer xxxxxxx  Its efficiency xxxxxxx xxxxxxx by xxxxxxx guidance features xxxxxxx the system, xxxxxxx blade xxxxxxx xxxxxxx are automatic, xxxxxxx a generally xxxxxxx and efficient xxxxxxx control system xxxxxxx alleviates the xxxxxxx for extra xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx this product xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx effective grade xxxxxxx systems in xxxxxxx current market xxxxxxx grade control xxxxxxx that goes xxxxxxx xxxxxxx (CAT, xxxxxxx GCS900 Grade xxxxxxx system is xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx seems to xxxxxxx with the xxxxxxx of most xxxxxxx projects. This xxxxxxx uses GradeMax xxxxxxx that increases xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx during a xxxxxxx project. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx factor that xxxxxxx this system xxxxxxx effective is xxxxxxx ability to xxxxxxx office and xxxxxxx work in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx construction xxxxxxx The system xxxxxxx GNSS and xxxxxxx forms xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in improving xxxxxxx The system xxxxxxx not require xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx blade control xxxxxxx it easy xxxxxxx xxxxxxx machine xxxxxxx adjust to xxxxxxx conditions. This xxxxxxx goes xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and seems xxxxxxx be an xxxxxxx system that xxxxxxx work on xxxxxxx conditions, therefore xxxxxxx on performance xxxxxxx xxxxxxx intensiveness xxxxxxx the project xxxxxxx 2013).  

The xxxxxxx Grade xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system uses xxxxxxx technology in xxxxxxx the communication xxxxxxx the due xxxxxxx of construction xxxxxxx a base xxxxxxx xxxxxxx there xxxxxxx a design xxxxxxx is built xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx allowing the xxxxxxx to gauge xxxxxxx correct depths xxxxxxx alignments. The xxxxxxx also has xxxxxxx xxxxxxx settings xxxxxxx help in xxxxxxx the work xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system.  This xxxxxxx is simple xxxxxxx operate and xxxxxxx be used xxxxxxx small or xxxxxxx sized contractors xxxxxxx xxxxxxx out xxxxxxx construction projects. xxxxxxx this system xxxxxxx not xxxxxxx xxxxxxx planning in xxxxxxx office as xxxxxxx has been xxxxxxx with the xxxxxxx of digging xxxxxxx the desired xxxxxxx xxxxxxx other xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx industry. The xxxxxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is $7100.00.With xxxxxxx Wi-Fi and xxxxxxx technologies, it xxxxxxx possible to xxxxxxx down the xxxxxxx that would xxxxxxx xxxxxxx using xxxxxxx grade control xxxxxxx (SitePrep, 2012). xxxxxxx 3D-MC2-This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx grade control xxxxxxx product that xxxxxxx proof also xxxxxxx be effective xxxxxxx the construction xxxxxxx Unlike the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system xxxxxxx antennae in xxxxxxx communication from xxxxxxx base xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system uses xxxxxxx technology in xxxxxxx the protocols xxxxxxx during communication. xxxxxxx of this xxxxxxx believe that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx technology xxxxxxx is used xxxxxxx the system, xxxxxxx project xxxxxxx xxxxxxx likely to xxxxxxx increased productivity, xxxxxxx work, and xxxxxxx operating costs xxxxxxx the grade xxxxxxx systems. This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system xxxxxxx been priced xxxxxxx $6400.00.  However, xxxxxxx effectiveness xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system stands xxxxxxx be doubted xxxxxxx the GNNSS xxxxxxx used in xxxxxxx seems to xxxxxxx less effective xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx technology (TopCon, xxxxxxx 3D Automatic xxxxxxx Control xxxxxxx xxxxxxx one of xxxxxxx most sophisticated xxxxxxx control systems xxxxxxx are in xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx industry. This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx automated xxxxxxx with advanced xxxxxxx technology. The xxxxxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is $7500.00. xxxxxxx system uses xxxxxxx designed using xxxxxxx technology, robotic xxxxxxx and a xxxxxxx system that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx blade of xxxxxxx motor grader. xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx control system xxxxxxx enhanced using xxxxxxx robotic station xxxxxxx ensures real xxxxxxx positioning based xxxxxxx the information xxxxxxx xxxxxxx usually xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx card. The xxxxxxx used xxxxxxx xxxxxxx system has xxxxxxx been widely xxxxxxx in perfecting xxxxxxx railway, and xxxxxxx construction (Purdue xxxxxxx 2013).

Powergrade 3D- xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx system that xxxxxxx really created xxxxxxx new xxxxxxx xxxxxxx construction. This xxxxxxx is mainly xxxxxxx at regulating xxxxxxx slope and xxxxxxx elevation of xxxxxxx blade of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx during xxxxxxx Through a xxxxxxx technology, the xxxxxxx grade xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in a xxxxxxx to control xxxxxxx blades of xxxxxxx dozer automatically xxxxxxx control the xxxxxxx system of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx technology helps xxxxxxx improving on xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx speed during xxxxxxx The price xxxxxxx this system xxxxxxx $7100.00. This xxxxxxx a product xxxxxxx is likely xxxxxxx xxxxxxx effectiveness xxxxxxx construction (Scan xxxxxxx Machine Control, xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx products that xxxxxxx been provided, xxxxxxx technologies have xxxxxxx used in xxxxxxx the grade xxxxxxx systems. From xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Wi-Fi, xxxxxxx is evident xxxxxxx the current xxxxxxx control xxxxxxx xxxxxxx positively impacted xxxxxxx construction industry. xxxxxxx though all xxxxxxx them might xxxxxxx appealing, it xxxxxxx important to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx evaluate xxxxxxx level of xxxxxxx used in xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the relevance xxxxxxx the technology xxxxxxx the needs xxxxxxx a construction xxxxxxx align="center">Reference

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