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Answer the following questions:



Question 1:  Without knowing Gary Erickson’s age, where would you guess he falls in the four generations of workers as delineated by Zemke?






Question 2:  Consider the terminal and instrumental values in Table 5.1.  Recalling that leaders are motivated to act consistently with their values, what values appear to be most important to Gary Erickson? 







Question 3:  Clif Bar, Inc. possesses a definite set of organizational values.  If you visit the company website (www.clifbar.com), you will see evidence of these values:  “Fight Global Warming” and “Register to Vote” are just as prominent as information about the product.  Knowing some of the values of Gary Erickson, how closely aligned do you think the organizational values are to the way the company actually operates?



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Answer the xxxxxxx questions:



Question 1:  xxxxxxx knowing Gary xxxxxxx xxxxxxx where xxxxxxx you guess xxxxxxx falls in xxxxxxx four xxxxxxx xxxxxxx workers as xxxxxxx by Zemke?


 If xxxxxxx had to xxxxxxx Erickson’s age, xxxxxxx would guess xxxxxxx he falls xxxxxxx xxxxxxx baby xxxxxxx generation. as xxxxxxx by Zemke xxxxxxx His xxxxxxx xxxxxxx food, outdoor xxxxxxx and his xxxxxxx for business xxxxxxx societal responsibility xxxxxxx that he xxxxxxx under the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx generation. xxxxxxx the leader xxxxxxx a family xxxxxxx employee-owned xxxxxxx xxxxxxx developed an xxxxxxx business model xxxxxxx the social xxxxxxx environmental responsibility xxxxxxx integrated in xxxxxxx area of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx boomer generation xxxxxxx passionate in xxxxxxx about xxxxxxx xxxxxxx heart, and xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx and office.



 Question xxxxxxx Consider the xxxxxxx and instrumental xxxxxxx in Table xxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx are motivated xxxxxxx act consistently xxxxxxx their xxxxxxx xxxxxxx values appear xxxxxxx be most xxxxxxx to Gary xxxxxxx


The values xxxxxxx are most xxxxxxx to Erickson xxxxxxx xxxxxxx commitment xxxxxxx environ­mental and xxxxxxx issues. Erickson xxxxxxx imaginative xxxxxxx xxxxxxx every opportunity xxxxxxx an impact xxxxxxx hopes the xxxxxxx that are xxxxxxx to alter xxxxxxx are  for xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx people . xxxxxxx like; creating xxxxxxx programs xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with people’s xxxxxxx supporting or xxxxxxx nonprofits organizations, xxxxxxx making sound xxxxxxx decisions. He xxxxxxx also dedicated xxxxxxx xxxxxxx employees xxxxxxx their happiness.  xxxxxxx creates a xxxxxxx place xxxxxxx xxxxxxx pleasurable where xxxxxxx employees can xxxxxxx life to xxxxxxx fullest.  This xxxxxxx evident with xxxxxxx like a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx salon and xxxxxxx Erickson is xxxxxxx towards xxxxxxx xxxxxxx dedication of xxxxxxx people’s lives xxxxxxx 3:  Clif xxxxxxx Inc. possesses xxxxxxx definite set xxxxxxx organizational values.  xxxxxxx xxxxxxx visit xxxxxxx company website xxxxxxx href="http://www.clifbar.com/">www.clifbar.com), you xxxxxxx see xxxxxxx xxxxxxx these values:  xxxxxxx Global Warming” xxxxxxx “Register to xxxxxxx are just xxxxxxx prominent as xxxxxxx about the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx some xxxxxxx the values xxxxxxx Gary Erickson, xxxxxxx closely xxxxxxx xxxxxxx you think xxxxxxx organizational values xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx operates?


Erickson’s xxxxxxx values are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx connection xxxxxxx the way xxxxxxx which his xxxxxxx actually xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is a xxxxxxx leader and xxxxxxx is zealous xxxxxxx his company’s xxxxxxx the environment, xxxxxxx satisfaction, and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx good xxxxxxx and healthy xxxxxxx style. Clifbar xxxxxxx working xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the company’s xxxxxxx footprint in xxxxxxx they do, xxxxxxx the ?eld xxxxxxx the ?nal xxxxxxx The Clif xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx change to xxxxxxx packaging by xxxxxxx organic xxxxxxx xxxxxxx simple change xxxxxxx packaging has xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx the planet xxxxxxx pounds of xxxxxxx wrap a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx means xxxxxxx in their xxxxxxx work, they xxxxxxx on xxxxxxx xxxxxxx about how xxxxxxx convert to xxxxxxx  organics, less xxxxxxx more eco xxxxxxx transportation. Clifbar xxxxxxx website sums xxxxxxx xxxxxxx by xxxxxxx the company’s xxxxxxx Aspirations: 

Sustaining our xxxxxxx Sustaining xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Sustaining our xxxxxxx Sustaining our xxxxxxx Sustaining our xxxxxxx

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