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A warm hello to the adventurous beings gathered here to explore the tallest water fall, the Paradise Falls. This is Stanley Ipkiss, your friend, philosopher and guide to the Amazon rainforest.


What you are about to experience is a breathtaking visions of a fantastic South American world of towering waterfalls; vast, aircraft carrier-flat mesas called tepuis; and immense hangar-like caves. And amidst the 5.5 million square kilometers, lies the pride of Venezuela, the legendary Paradise Falls, cascading a staggering 9700 feet from cloud-enshrouded cliffs. The height of the plateau is about 2810 meters above the sea. To clarify of what that height means let me tell you that its so high that the water from the falls evaporates before it reaches the ground.


I have visited there a number of times. But its never enough. Nature at its best. Surely, there is a price and it could be a hefty one. It involves a lot of physical as well as emotional strength to climb the cliffs, which on an average takes 12 hours. The place can be reached through helicopters, but untimely and highly violent storms, that are very common to the region, are problem for flight. One can also get lost easily in, what is called, one of the largest and highest plateau in the world, the Mount Roraima Plateau. The plateau was formed when South America and Africa separated during the formation of the Atlantic Ocean some 180 million years ago. Keeping in mind the risks involved, children below the age of 12 years are not allowed and proper hiking attire is a must have for those allowed.


Apart from the splendid views, you can find a vast and many rare species of plants and animals that are the inhabitant of the plateau. Charles Muntz, the first explorer to the area claimed to have found a gigantic skeleton of a bird. Unfortunately, Charles Muntz is lost since 70 years now.


Tiresome, frightening, risky, adventurous, beautiful and larger than life. All these words relate directly to The Paradise Falls. And for each explorer I can guarantee, you may like it-or not, but you will never forget the experience.


I thank you for your time to listen to me, and welcome you to the amazing experience.


I, Stanley Ipkiss, would see you around in the plateau.

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A warm xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx beings gathered xxxxxxx xxxxxxx explore xxxxxxx tallest water xxxxxxx the Paradise xxxxxxx This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Ipkiss, your xxxxxxx philosopher and xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx rainforest.


What you xxxxxxx about to xxxxxxx is a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx fantastic South xxxxxxx world of xxxxxxx waterfalls; xxxxxxx xxxxxxx carrier-flat mesas xxxxxxx tepuis; and xxxxxxx hangar-like caves. xxxxxxx amidst the xxxxxxx million square xxxxxxx lies the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Venezuela, xxxxxxx legendary Paradise xxxxxxx cascading a xxxxxxx 9700 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx cloud-enshrouded cliffs. xxxxxxx height of xxxxxxx plateau is xxxxxxx 2810 meters xxxxxxx the sea. xxxxxxx clarify of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx height xxxxxxx let me xxxxxxx you that xxxxxxx so xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the water xxxxxxx the falls xxxxxxx before it xxxxxxx the ground.


I xxxxxxx visited there xxxxxxx number of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx its xxxxxxx enough. Nature xxxxxxx its best. xxxxxxx there xxxxxxx xxxxxxx price and xxxxxxx could be xxxxxxx hefty one. xxxxxxx involves a xxxxxxx of physical xxxxxxx well as xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx the cliffs, xxxxxxx on an xxxxxxx takes xxxxxxx xxxxxxx The place xxxxxxx be reached xxxxxxx helicopters, but xxxxxxx and highly xxxxxxx storms, that xxxxxxx very common xxxxxxx xxxxxxx region, xxxxxxx problem for xxxxxxx One can xxxxxxx get xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in, what xxxxxxx called, one xxxxxxx the largest xxxxxxx highest plateau xxxxxxx the world, xxxxxxx Mount Roraima xxxxxxx xxxxxxx plateau xxxxxxx formed when xxxxxxx America and xxxxxxx separated xxxxxxx xxxxxxx formation of xxxxxxx Atlantic Ocean xxxxxxx 180 million xxxxxxx ago. Keeping xxxxxxx mind the xxxxxxx involved, children xxxxxxx xxxxxxx age xxxxxxx 12 years xxxxxxx not allowed xxxxxxx proper xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is a xxxxxxx have for xxxxxxx allowed.


Apart from xxxxxxx splendid views, xxxxxxx can find xxxxxxx vast and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx species xxxxxxx plants and xxxxxxx that are xxxxxxx inhabitant xxxxxxx xxxxxxx plateau. Charles xxxxxxx the first xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx claimed to xxxxxxx found a xxxxxxx skeleton of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Unfortunately, xxxxxxx Muntz is xxxxxxx since 70 xxxxxxx now.


Tiresome, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx adventurous, beautiful xxxxxxx larger than xxxxxxx All these xxxxxxx relate directly xxxxxxx The Paradise xxxxxxx And for xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I xxxxxxx guarantee, you xxxxxxx like it-or xxxxxxx but xxxxxxx xxxxxxx never forget xxxxxxx experience.


I thank xxxxxxx for your xxxxxxx to listen xxxxxxx me, and xxxxxxx you to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx experience.


I, xxxxxxx Ipkiss, would xxxxxxx you around xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx

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