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2.  Read the Case Study in your textbook entitled "Whole Foods Market in 2010: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy."


3.  View the following videos and visit the Whole Foods Market website to gain a greater understanding of Whole Foods and its strategy.


a. John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism: The Whole Foods CEO on Health Care, Veganism, and Free Markets - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYcFCyZC8Sc


b. Whole Foods Market Seafood Sustainability Rating Program - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TioxdMgtTOI


c. Also, visit the Whole Foods Market website at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/


Prepare a Written Case Analysis


Once you have a thorough understanding of Whole Foods write a comprehensive written case analysis (1) identifying all the pertinent issues that management needs to address, (2) perform whatever analysis and evaluation (e.g., Five Forces, SWOT, PESTLE, financial ratios, etc.) as appropriate (see note below), and (3) propose an action plan and set of recommendations addressing the issues you have identified.




Note: Each participant enters this course with different preparation.  As such, while you are not expected to be an accounting or finance professional, as a manager you are expected to be able to perform basic analysis and evaluation of an organization.  Do your very best in completing an analysis and evaluation of the case.


The required minimum number of words for initial postings to each discussion question each week is 500.








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CASE xxxxxxx Pertinent Issues xxxxxxx the whole xxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx management needs xxxxxxx address are xxxxxxx follows:


Poor xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Low Morale xxxxxxx spread among xxxxxxx workers of xxxxxxx Whole foods xxxxxxx due to xxxxxxx turnover rate, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx respect, xxxxxxx Low Wages xxxxxxx unfair labour xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx not recognized xxxxxxx their contributions, xxxxxxx a type xxxxxxx environment is xxxxxxx accepted in xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx Company- In xxxxxxx recent years xxxxxxx revenue xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company have xxxxxxx flattening which xxxxxxx company needs xxxxxxx look after.


Plummeting xxxxxxx Income- The xxxxxxx needs to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx reducing xxxxxxx income of xxxxxxx Company by xxxxxxx some xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Consumer confidence xxxxxxx Buying Power- xxxxxxx company needs xxxxxxx look after xxxxxxx confidence of xxxxxxx consumers which xxxxxxx xxxxxxx due xxxxxxx the reasons xxxxxxx stated above.


Unfavourable xxxxxxx ratio- xxxxxxx xxxxxxx has an xxxxxxx Debt/Equity ratio xxxxxxx they should xxxxxxx as soon xxxxxxx possible.



The Evaluation xxxxxxx the company xxxxxxx xxxxxxx basis xxxxxxx SWOT analysis xxxxxxx as follows:



  1. Market xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx Quality of xxxxxxx Variety- Over xxxxxxx items
  2. Expensive advertising xxxxxxx at low xxxxxxx is up xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Employee xxxxxxx Ratio
  3. Located in xxxxxxx affluent areas

  • Hype xxxxxxx now is xxxxxxx eat healthier xxxxxxx to protect xxxxxxx environment.
  • Buy more xxxxxxx Products that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx pay xxxxxxx for
  • Expand private xxxxxxx selection


    1. Bad Economy
    2. Growing xxxxxxx Market
    3. Government xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Regulations
    4. Unionization


    Recommendations to xxxxxxx company to xxxxxxx its issues xxxxxxx as follows:


    (a) xxxxxxx Recommendations:


    1. Grow Net xxxxxxx Opening less xxxxxxx xxxxxxx closing xxxxxxx the unprofitable xxxxxxx will reduce xxxxxxx average xxxxxxx xxxxxxx costs.
    2. Cut Cost: xxxxxxx prices of xxxxxxx current economy xxxxxxx provide an xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx to negotiate xxxxxxx xxxxxxx rates xxxxxxx suppliers which xxxxxxx help in xxxxxxx cut.
    3. Increase xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company should xxxxxxx revenue by xxxxxxx catering services xxxxxxx local businesses xxxxxxx events.
    4. Reduce Capital xxxxxxx The company xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx expenditure by xxxxxxx the unwanted xxxxxxx reusing xxxxxxx xxxxxxx equipments and xxxxxxx leases.


    (b) Marketing xxxxxxx Marketing: The xxxxxxx should increase xxxxxxx budget which xxxxxxx help increase xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Market: xxxxxxx company should xxxxxxx the restaurant xxxxxxx who xxxxxxx xxxxxxx cheap dinning xxxxxxx and should xxxxxxx look for xxxxxxx conscious market. xxxxxxx company should xxxxxxx expand its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx where it xxxxxxx not expanded xxxxxxx which xxxxxxx xxxxxxx organic food.

  • Price- xxxxxxx company should xxxxxxx up a xxxxxxx reducing strategy xxxxxxx its cost xxxxxxx higher than xxxxxxx xxxxxxx its xxxxxxx The company xxxxxxx promote its xxxxxxx through xxxxxxx xxxxxxx product placements xxxxxxx will help xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx issue of xxxxxxx revenue.

    (c) Operations xxxxxxx & Development: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx should xxxxxxx an R&D xxxxxxx which provides xxxxxxx information, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and provides xxxxxxx customer assistance.

  • Use xxxxxxx power: The xxxxxxx should use xxxxxxx buying power xxxxxxx negotiate for xxxxxxx xxxxxxx prices xxxxxxx will put xxxxxxx pressure on xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx its Cost xxxxxxx Goods Sold.



















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