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Cost of Capital and the following will be used;

Describe how the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is calculated in your selected organization. Evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.
Would it be appropriate to use WACC as a discount rate for capital budgeting analysis? Explain why or why not.
Keeping in mind your selected organization's current operations, as well as trends in the national economy and the organization's industry, what changes, if any, would you recommend in your selected organization's approach towards determining its cost of capital? How would you adjust the discount rate for riskier projects? Justify your method.


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Apple Inc xxxxxxx a leader xxxxxxx the technology xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx a million xxxxxxx as on xxxxxxx Apple xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx competition and xxxxxxx such as xxxxxxx and Hewlett xxxxxxx Packard by xxxxxxx simple strategy xxxxxxx xxxxxxx innovative xxxxxxx all the xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx This xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in creating xxxxxxx distinct identity xxxxxxx the same xxxxxxx Thus, apple xxxxxxx out to xxxxxxx the leader xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sector xxxxxxx optimizing on xxxxxxx strategy of xxxxxxx first xxxxxxx xxxxxxx The capital xxxxxxx undertaken by xxxxxxx firm however xxxxxxx devoid of xxxxxxx long term xxxxxxx and preferred xxxxxxx xxxxxxx jeopardizes xxxxxxx market strength xxxxxxx the firm.

Weighted xxxxxxx cost xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is the xxxxxxx cost of xxxxxxx capital of xxxxxxx firm by xxxxxxx together all xxxxxxx sources and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx funs xxxxxxx to finance xxxxxxx assets. A xxxxxxx assets xxxxxxx xxxxxxx financed by xxxxxxx debt or xxxxxxx the equity xxxxxxx Both have xxxxxxx different cost xxxxxxx the firm. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx order xxxxxxx calculate a xxxxxxx cost of xxxxxxx entire xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is imperative xxxxxxx find a xxxxxxx cost. This xxxxxxx be done xxxxxxx the concept xxxxxxx the weighted xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx By computing xxxxxxx weighted average xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company actually xxxxxxx the amount xxxxxxx interest it xxxxxxx to pay xxxxxxx every unit xxxxxxx its capital.

The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx weighted xxxxxxx cost of xxxxxxx is often xxxxxxx by xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to judge xxxxxxx expansion plans xxxxxxx the firm xxxxxxx to determine xxxxxxx feasibility for xxxxxxx projects too. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx with the xxxxxxx rate and xxxxxxx risk xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company is xxxxxxx to along xxxxxxx the inherent xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx project.

Apple employs xxxxxxx WACC discount xxxxxxx xxxxxxx determine xxxxxxx WACC

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