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TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT STUDENT NAME: - Shamika Teel PROFESSOR NAME COURSE TITLE DATE: - 18-May-2014 TIME MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR MEETING DEADLINES Time management is said to be the process or function of doing proper planning and also exercising control over the quantity of time that has to be spent on the particular activities. These activities are undertaken to increase the efficiency, productivity and also effectiveness. Time management can be seen as the Meta activity whose goal is to increase the overall benefit of the other activities within the edge condition of the very limited amount of the time that is available. The time management can be done by the different variety of tools and techniques that are used to manage the time. These tools help the organization or a person to achieve their set goals and targets within the set time. Time management is said to be the combination of the different types of tools, methods, techniques and processes that help people to manage their goals. Time management is necessary for all the project development as it helps to see the time which estimated for completion and scope of the project. Time management includes the following things like:- Creation of an environment which is favorable to effectiveness Setting up of priorities The activities should be designed around the priorities The related process regarding reduction of the time spent on the non priorities. In our personal or professional life, deadlines are very important to be met. They play a very vital role in our life. Whether it’s a small thing like paying bill, writing blogs, it’s necessary that deadlines help us to stay on track always. Deadlines help the project manager to draw attention towards many things on the daily basis (Erica, 2009). The deadlines are very effective when the individuals are able to completely pay themselves for achieving something in there chosen time frame. Deadlines helps people to tie together creativity in what we are doing and what are the ways to get what we are doing in time. So with deadline we can provide people with time for work and time for breaks in between. These breaks help to improve the productivity and creativity. When people work for whole day, their body becomes very tired and the quality of work done decreases. Deadline is very important part for the project management. Deadlines helps us to stay away from procrastination and also plan ahead for future keeping in mind if any bump arises. Meeting deadlines makes you appear more dependable. Paying bills or getting proper projects done on the regular basis in the set frame of time can make the delays in future easier to manage. A very tight deadline helps to reduce the wasted time. Very famous company has adopted tight deadline criteria so as to save having any wastage of time. Companies like Warner bros have adopted a very tough deadline with their screen writers and their producers so in an effort to get the expected work on the set time keeping in mind the financial consequences of the deadline of any sort is missed. So an effective use of deadline is high stakes and very harsh consequences (Jaret, 2012). While meeting deadlines it is very necessary to keep certain steps in mind which are as follows:- a) Organization: - organization is the most important thing to meet deadline. The person who is well organized knows the value of deadline. The organization allows the person to maintain a stable pace on the project when we are working on. It also permits the tools to trade quickly and also ensure that we are able to keep the track of the pace when the deadline comes close. Proper organization means not leaving work until last minute but also knowing that every moment would count from the start (Apple yard, 2006). Know what is expected: - it is very necessary to know what is our actually wanted from the goals. The goals should be set keeping in mind whether we can achieve in the given deadline Don’t procrastinate: - it’s very necessary to agree to the given deadline. The person should never promise to complete the project by the certain date if you know that the deadline is not achievable. Create a schedule:-setting a deadline is very important. It means breaking up the block of work into the set time period. Always additional time should be set for the work so that if any problem arises than no time is wasted due to that. Prioritize: - it’s very necessary to be very honest with the deadlines and be very careful while committing the deadline. This is the main reason why deadlines are not met by people. Know the deadline: - thus it’s necessary that the person who has made deadline stand on their word. If we have made proper commitment to complete the project its necessary that we take full responsibility of it (Kahn, 2013). To make the schedule regarding deadline it’s necessary that we don’t set the deadline which is very short. This is the most common mistake made by everybody. We set small deadline to keep the client happy but the client doesn’t know how much work we are handling. It’s necessary to keep the schedule in such a way that there is always a day or two extra as compared to what we think. By this way we can handle any kind of unexpected emergency. The client always expects to keep everything on time so it’s very necessary to work according to the deadlines. Very often it’s seen that procrastination results in the task being put out at the last minute. Putting too much stress on the body is very unhealthy and can lead to different type of problem in personal life of a person. It can lead to unnecessary strain on the relationship of people. Prioritize is very necessary to improve the organizational skills and be good at planning. The planning is done to create a to do list which makes it easier for the people to overcome procrastination and then get started again One of the top goals at work must be to prioritize tasks by making use of the organizational skills so as to get the highest possible returns of the investment of mental, emotional and other physical energy. The every minute spent planning tends to save as the ten minutes in implementation. It only takes over all ten to fifteen minutes to prioritize the tasks by proper planning out the day activities and also creates list. This small investment tends to save at least two hours of the wasted time and also diffuse the efforts throughout the day. We get to know about the project completion when we see that all the work is done and we are fully satisfied by whatever planning we have done. The startup planning for the completion of the project at the same times helps to prepare the initial project plan also. After we complete the project we see that all the set objectives measures and specifications are met. After seeing the specification it’s necessary to see to prepare a check list and see everything is done in order and proper sequence before closing the project. After checking twice we can close the project and submit to manager for checking. Checking again and again the project leads us to more perfection. After submission of project, if some mistake is found out than it can lead to a bad mark on our name. So it’s good we keep on checking till we ourselves are fully satisfied with our project. All this should be done in the given deadline only and no more extra time should be taken because it spoils the image. REFERENCES:- Appleyard,, M. (2006). How to always meet deadlines. Retrieved from http://www.wikihow.com/Always-Meet-Deadlines Erica, L. (2009). Why do we need deadlines?. Retrieved from http://www.esoftload.info/why-do-we-need-deadlines Jaret, S. (2012). It makes sense that the word “deadline” has its roots in civil war prisons. Retrieved from http://www.thewrap.com/movies/blog-post/why-deadlines-really-do-get-job-done-36110/ Kihn, S. (2013, jun 25). How to ensure that you are able to meet your deadlines. Retrieved from http://careerminer.infomine.com/how-to-ensure-that-you-are-able-to-meet-your-deadlines/ Views (687)
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