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FINAL PROJECT 2-3 pages max, typed Promoting/Advertising your Small Business "Getting the Word Out" Location-Downtown Wilkes-Barre, South Main St-theater district preferred Pick a small business, something you may want to start, something you like or it can be generic OR IT CAN BE YOUR OWN BUSINESS You are a new business so you just spent most of your capital getting the business up and running. You only have $5,000 to spend on Promotion You must define your Target Market, your customers... Where are you customers located ( my customers college student – Wilkes University & King’s College) ...How do you plan to reach them? How are you going to get business, grow the business? Be unique, be creative or go old school...use your $$$ efficiently. Do you blitz the market or go slow and steady??? You better have an idea on how much your advertising ideas cost! (For example...do not just say a Billboard adv. or a TV commercial. How much? DO they cost?) Not use this type of adv. Must incorporate "New Age Advertising"...the Internet, Facebook, Twitter if it applies. Use social networking to promote the business easy and no costs apply Views (798)
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xxxxxxx PROJECT Business which xxxxxxx would prefer xxxxxxx do, locate xxxxxxx Downtown Wilkes-Barre, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx St xxxxxxx Event planning xxxxxxx this place xxxxxxx colleges xxxxxxx xxxxxxx surrounding. The xxxxxxx reason to xxxxxxx this business xxxxxxx because I xxxxxxx a diploma xxxxxxx event planning xxxxxxx xxxxxxx family xxxxxxx of catering. xxxxxxx always need xxxxxxx reason xxxxxxx xxxxxxx out or xxxxxxx whether it xxxxxxx an award xxxxxxx convocation ceremony xxxxxxx any other xxxxxxx events and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx being xxxxxxx for these xxxxxxx the business. xxxxxxx starting xxxxxxx xxxxxxx could be xxxxxxx bit challenging xxxxxxx it would xxxxxxx few sponsors xxxxxxx their confidence xxxxxxx I could xxxxxxx xxxxxxx job xxxxxxx Event planning xxxxxxx a business xxxxxxx totally xxxxxxx xxxxxxx services and xxxxxxx just a xxxxxxx bit of xxxxxxx know-how. For xxxxxxx a successful xxxxxxx in event xxxxxxx xxxxxxx things xxxxxxx required always xxxxxxx keep in xxxxxxx such xxxxxxx xxxxxxx trend of xxxxxxx to manage xxxxxxx quality food xxxxxxx catering idea about xxxxxxx designing and xxxxxxx the event xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx business of xxxxxxx so the xxxxxxx effort xxxxxxx xxxxxxx put in xxxxxxx get the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx which are: ? xxxxxxx xxxxxxx good xxxxxxx and event xxxxxxx xxxxxxx best available xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx arranging good xxxxxxx food from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ? completing xxxxxxx decoration xxxxxxx xxxxxxx latest fashion xxxxxxx xxxxxxx arranging all xxxxxxx entertainment needs ? xxxxxxx transportation facilities xxxxxxx and from xxxxxxx event ? checking xxxxxxx sending the xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx hiring xxxxxxx the work xxxxxxx the event ? xxxxxxx to be xxxxxxx the site xxxxxxx the event xxxxxxx coordinating with xxxxxxx activities etc. These xxxxxxx xxxxxxx main xxxxxxx which needs xxxxxxx be focussed xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx event planning xxxxxxx a business xxxxxxx run and xxxxxxx it needs xxxxxxx /customers. The xxxxxxx to start xxxxxxx xxxxxxx at xxxxxxx location was xxxxxxx readily available xxxxxxx which xxxxxxx xxxxxxx students (Wilkes xxxxxxx & King’s xxxxxxx are the xxxxxxx who always xxxxxxx eager to xxxxxxx parties and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx become xxxxxxx clients/customers then xxxxxxx would be xxxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx business. For xxxxxxx them my xxxxxxx I need xxxxxxx do a xxxxxxx advertisement and xxxxxxx some attractive xxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx are attracted xxxxxxx my company xxxxxxx be xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is the xxxxxxx way through xxxxxxx I can xxxxxxx maximum customers xxxxxxx my business. xxxxxxx today’s world xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx a major xxxxxxx not only xxxxxxx having xxxxxxx xxxxxxx also promoting xxxxxxx and news. xxxxxxx youth which xxxxxxx my main xxxxxxx customer at xxxxxxx very initial xxxxxxx xxxxxxx business xxxxxxx very much xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx media. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx whatsapp and xxxxxxx other sites xxxxxxx be very xxxxxxx for me xxxxxxx connect with xxxxxxx and promoting xxxxxxx xxxxxxx This xxxxxxx also be xxxxxxx cost effective xxxxxxx less xxxxxxx xxxxxxx After connecting xxxxxxx social media xxxxxxx maximum students xxxxxxx next step xxxxxxx be of xxxxxxx a good xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Today’s generation mainly xxxxxxx student are xxxxxxx interested xxxxxxx xxxxxxx out things xxxxxxx by net xxxxxxx rather than xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx or shop xxxxxxx seeing and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx thing xxxxxxx services physically. xxxxxxx also has xxxxxxx advantage xxxxxxx xxxxxxx customer can xxxxxxx a check xxxxxxx your website xxxxxxx gather information xxxxxxx your products xxxxxxx services with xxxxxxx xxxxxxx list xxxxxxx Customers can xxxxxxx the services xxxxxxx packages xxxxxxx xxxxxxx or can xxxxxxx a through xxxxxxx about your xxxxxxx before they xxxxxxx u to xxxxxxx or give xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx of promotion xxxxxxx internet and xxxxxxx media xxxxxxx xxxxxxx few old xxxxxxx or traditional xxxxxxx which are xxxxxxx helpful in xxxxxxx and growing xxxxxxx Here the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx customers xxxxxxx the students xxxxxxx the best xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx business orders xxxxxxx be to xxxxxxx them services xxxxxxx cheaper rate xxxxxxx students are xxxxxxx trying to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx best xxxxxxx cheap rates. xxxxxxx way of xxxxxxx customers xxxxxxx xxxxxxx printed pamphlets xxxxxxx can be xxxxxxx in a xxxxxxx better and xxxxxxx way. xxxxxxx could be xxxxxxx xxxxxxx distributing xxxxxxx cards or xxxxxxx printing the xxxxxxx name xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and package’s xxxxxxx the back xxxxxxx notebooks and xxxxxxx them free xxxxxxx the students. xxxxxxx are always xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx and getting xxxxxxx for free xxxxxxx attract xxxxxxx xxxxxxx you. The xxxxxxx branding on xxxxxxx back of xxxxxxx notebook would xxxxxxx advertising the xxxxxxx among the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx would xxxxxxx not cost xxxxxxx much for xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx be with xxxxxxx students. These xxxxxxx of advertising xxxxxxx which directly xxxxxxx the student xxxxxxx be very xxxxxxx xxxxxxx gaining xxxxxxx large clientele xxxxxxx the group xxxxxxx students. The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx ideas of xxxxxxx of my xxxxxxx through social xxxxxxx building a xxxxxxx and distributing xxxxxxx notebooks among xxxxxxx xxxxxxx business xxxxxxx are all xxxxxxx cost effective xxxxxxx dynamic xxxxxxx xxxxxxx expansion of xxxxxxx among the xxxxxxx customers which xxxxxxx are the xxxxxxx The few xxxxxxx which I xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx the name xxxxxxx my company xxxxxxx very xxxxxxx xxxxxxx friendly and xxxxxxx are always xxxxxxx much attracted xxxxxxx addicted towards xxxxxxx Except the xxxxxxx card all xxxxxxx xxxxxxx advertising xxxxxxx such as xxxxxxx networking sites xxxxxxx websites xxxxxxx xxxxxxx much friendly xxxxxxx the students, xxxxxxx the students xxxxxxx always found xxxxxxx with internet. xxxxxxx these modes xxxxxxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxxx much feasible xxxxxxx effective among xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx way of xxxxxxx is of xxxxxxx notebooks as xxxxxxx would also xxxxxxx useful to xxxxxxx students and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx event xxxxxxx company. The advertising xxxxxxx the marketing xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx be done xxxxxxx in hand. xxxxxxx knowledge should xxxxxxx gathered about xxxxxxx competitors in xxxxxxx market. The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx weaknesses xxxxxxx to be xxxxxxx with carefully. xxxxxxx weakness xxxxxxx xxxxxxx company should xxxxxxx be kept xxxxxxx the negative xxxxxxx so that xxxxxxx helps in xxxxxxx prosperous growth xxxxxxx xxxxxxx business. The location xxxxxxx the business xxxxxxx also xxxxxxx xxxxxxx part in xxxxxxx proper growth xxxxxxx the business xxxxxxx I have xxxxxxx earlier the xxxxxxx is very xxxxxxx xxxxxxx colleges xxxxxxx the students xxxxxxx the main xxxxxxx customers xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is best xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx In today’s xxxxxxx world more xxxxxxx location advertising xxxxxxx proper marketing xxxxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxx required as xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx are xxxxxxx xxxxxxx internet. So, xxxxxxx presence on xxxxxxx internet with xxxxxxx well defined xxxxxxx plan of xxxxxxx and regular xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sites xxxxxxx must. Event planning xxxxxxx is an xxxxxxx business, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx has the xxxxxxx it’s just xxxxxxx never ending xxxxxxx because in xxxxxxx society where xxxxxxx live always xxxxxxx xxxxxxx events xxxxxxx one after xxxxxxx they may xxxxxxx wedding, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx general meetings, xxxxxxx ceremonies expo’s xxxxxxx most important xxxxxxx beneficial thing xxxxxxx starting this xxxxxxx is that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx no xxxxxxx to entering xxxxxxx starting this xxxxxxx planning xxxxxxx xxxxxxx mytopbusinessideas.com. (n.d.). xxxxxxx April 29, xxxxxxx from http://www.mytopbusinessideas.com/starting-event-planning-company/.
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