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I would like you to answer 3 out of the following 4 questions and return your work to me (email it to matthew.sowcik@wilkes.edu ) by this Friday, May 9 th at 3:00pm. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me through email.All the questions have to do with this N ew York Times Article - Sexual Assaults Roil Amherst, and College President Welcomes the Controversy :1.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the structural frame help us understand the problem? Taking the structural frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst? 2.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the human resource frame help us understand the problem? Taking the human resource frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst?  3.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the political frame help us understand the problem? Taking the political frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst? 4.       When looking at the issue discussed in the article how does the symbolic frame help us understand the problem? Taking the symbolic frame into account, what suggestions (at least two) can you make to solve the issue at Amherst? Views (56)
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TITLE OF xxxxxxx NAME: - xxxxxxx xxxxxxx TITLE DATE Sexual xxxxxxx Roil Amherst, xxxxxxx College President xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Sexual Assaults xxxxxxx Amherst," article had xxxxxxx the huge xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx York Times. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx focused xxxxxxx the campus xxxxxxx is undergoing xxxxxxx crisis xxxxxxx xxxxxxx student accusation xxxxxxx the assaults xxxxxxx were met xxxxxxx the administrative xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx in which xxxxxxx xxxxxxx misconduct xxxxxxx conducted. The xxxxxxx problem which xxxxxxx arising xxxxxxx xxxxxxx campus is xxxxxxx discrimination against xxxxxxx rape victims. xxxxxxx a very xxxxxxx that a xxxxxxx victim who xxxxxxx xxxxxxx been xxxxxxx so badly xxxxxxx to undergo xxxxxxx discriminations xxxxxxx xxxxxxx personally don’t xxxxxxx Epifano's story xxxxxxx made up xxxxxxx false (KAMINER, xxxxxxx She was xxxxxxx treated by xxxxxxx xxxxxxx who xxxxxxx her to xxxxxxx this incident xxxxxxx not xxxxxxx xxxxxxx a voice xxxxxxx as to xxxxxxx their college. xxxxxxx report is xxxxxxx much reasonable xxxxxxx she had xxxxxxx xxxxxxx right xxxxxxx raise the xxxxxxx (PEÑA, 2012). xxxxxxx reading xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and understanding xxxxxxx point of xxxxxxx of all xxxxxxx concerned parties, xxxxxxx would like xxxxxxx recommend suggestions xxxxxxx xxxxxxx this xxxxxxx which are xxxxxxx follows:- The administrators xxxxxxx have xxxxxxx xxxxxxx all accepted xxxxxxx statement of xxxxxxx facts and xxxxxxx evaluated her xxxxxxx regarding how xxxxxxx rape victims xxxxxxx xxxxxxx treated. xxxxxxx administrators should xxxxxxx not rejected xxxxxxx request xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and should xxxxxxx stood by xxxxxxx for her xxxxxxx Campus rape xxxxxxx a very xxxxxxx crime and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx lead xxxxxxx permanent fear xxxxxxx the mind xxxxxxx student. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of issues xxxxxxx the students xxxxxxx seek higher xxxxxxx all over xxxxxxx world and xxxxxxx include many xxxxxxx xxxxxxx which xxxxxxx against the xxxxxxx of violence xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx also against xxxxxxx The college xxxxxxx should have xxxxxxx under the xxxxxxx investigations for xxxxxxx handling regarding xxxxxxx xxxxxxx cases xxxxxxx are described xxxxxxx the civil xxxxxxx groups xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and inappropriate. xxxxxxx 2:- When we xxxxxxx the human xxxxxxx frame into xxxxxxx the two xxxxxxx that can xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx the issues xxxxxxx as follows:- The xxxxxxx should xxxxxxx xxxxxxx discouraged Epifano xxxxxxx pressing charges xxxxxxx the attackers xxxxxxx about to xxxxxxx from their xxxxxxx and hearing xxxxxxx xxxxxxx not xxxxxxx their claims xxxxxxx well. The xxxxxxx administrators xxxxxxx xxxxxxx developed an xxxxxxx policy statement xxxxxxx the sexual xxxxxxx It includes xxxxxxx the kind xxxxxxx information regarding xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx occurrence of xxxxxxx sexual assaults, xxxxxxx circumstance xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the accident xxxxxxx and what xxxxxxx steps to xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx The campus xxxxxxx xxxxxxx have xxxxxxx the clear xxxxxxx regarding the xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxxxxxx sexual assaults xxxxxxx the other xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx that the xxxxxxx universities doesn’t xxxxxxx The same xxxxxxx xxxxxxx view xxxxxxx be used xxxxxxx the institution xxxxxxx sexual xxxxxxx xxxxxxx statements and xxxxxxx student conduct xxxxxxx provisions that xxxxxxx prohibit the xxxxxxx misconduct as xxxxxxx The officers xxxxxxx xxxxxxx develop xxxxxxx written action xxxxxxx that would xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the campus xxxxxxx will act xxxxxxx such circumstances. xxxxxxx this case, xxxxxxx human resources xxxxxxx only considered xxxxxxx xxxxxxx reputation xxxxxxx their college xxxxxxx They didn’t xxxxxxx thing xxxxxxx xxxxxxx wrong has xxxxxxx done with xxxxxxx girl. Instead xxxxxxx being with xxxxxxx they told xxxxxxx to forget xxxxxxx xxxxxxx nothing xxxxxxx Rape is xxxxxxx very big xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxx whole life xxxxxxx victims. Proper xxxxxxx taken by xxxxxxx human resources xxxxxxx have helped xxxxxxx girl get xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Their xxxxxxx goals should xxxxxxx the protection xxxxxxx students. ANS xxxxxxx xxxxxxx political frame xxxxxxx account, the xxxxxxx suggestions that xxxxxxx be used xxxxxxx solve the xxxxxxx at Amherst xxxxxxx xxxxxxx follows:- The xxxxxxx should include xxxxxxx more deep xxxxxxx regarding xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and enforce xxxxxxx laws so xxxxxxx to see xxxxxxx recommendations and xxxxxxx penalties regarding xxxxxxx colleges. They xxxxxxx xxxxxxx proper xxxxxxx for the xxxxxxx which include xxxxxxx stronger xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and the xxxxxxx strategies. This xxxxxxx includes giving xxxxxxx cut information xxxxxxx the students xxxxxxx The student xxxxxxx xxxxxxx made xxxxxxx regarding their xxxxxxx rights. The xxxxxxx should xxxxxxx xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxx rules regarding xxxxxxx charges. The xxxxxxx all over xxxxxxx to enjoy xxxxxxx freedom when xxxxxxx xxxxxxx doesn’t xxxxxxx voice against xxxxxxx But after xxxxxxx enforcement xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Title IX xxxxxxx colleges are xxxxxxx to respond xxxxxxx sexual assault xxxxxxx as soon xxxxxxx possible. They xxxxxxx xxxxxxx proper xxxxxxx from the xxxxxxx regarding their xxxxxxx for xxxxxxx xxxxxxx their proceeding xxxxxxx the standard xxxxxxx the proof xxxxxxx has to xxxxxxx used. The xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx welcome xxxxxxx they consider xxxxxxx push for xxxxxxx colleges xxxxxxx xxxxxxx see the xxxxxxx more seriously. xxxxxxx government need xxxxxxx tighten the xxxxxxx staff and xxxxxxx them fully xxxxxxx xxxxxxx policies xxxxxxx OCR   REFERENCES:- KAMINER, xxxxxxx (2012,). What to xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx accusations at xxxxxxx college?. Retrieved xxxxxxx http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/11/what-to-make-of-the-rape-accusations-at-amherst-college/265522/ PEÑA, R. xxxxxxx assaults roil xxxxxxx and college xxxxxxx welcomes the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx
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